The fictitious world of Montgomery Clunk 20.03.2012

A couple of months ago we announced a new Montgomery Clunk's ep in 2012. The time has come and today we unveil the artwork of the Mondegreen EP which has been once again drawn by Paul Paun, the young artist behind the twisted cover of Monty's previous work, Superbus.
We sat down with both Silviu and Paul to discover what's behind these fascinating characters and their connection with the music.

Hi Paul, Silviu, please give us a brief introduction to who you are and what you do.

Paul: Ey I'm Paul 20 years old, I live in Bucharest, Romania and I am currently studying graphic design at the National Arts Academy. I've been drawing since I can remember.
I consider myself one of those really lucky people that can go through life doing exactly what they love for a living. I like the slack and the lack of responsabilities that come with an artist's life yet this is changing now since I'm going into graphic design and the sort. I'm creeping up on 3D art and animation, dreaming on doing something massive and impressive, hope my delusions of grandeur help me achieve this.
Silviu: Hey, I'm 23... I'm Silviu. I'm mostly interested in various forms of sound.
Sometimes I go out with my friends. Got dreams, too. I also play videogames and all that.

'Superbus', the EP Silviu released in 2010, featured three back-street characters. Irrespective of Paul comic-inspired style the composition is very Baroque and seems to imply a deeper connection between these Gs. Can you elaborate?
P: It is not complicated, we're sharing a vision and then we look in the mirror and spit it out in our own way. It is part of a greater thing, a whole universe... This art and music could be considered a barebone for what's about to come.
A more focused answer would be these guys are all part of a suspicious gang. You can see they are human; they got weird heads as a symbol of what they really are. No one wears masks in this town... Here, everything is what you see, nothing more, nothing less. Can't say more about that... would ruin everything.

Do you work together? Do you share a concept before Paul does the work?
S: Yes we do work together. We are sharing basic concepts, basic sounds, basic structures of sound and graphics- and then we just do it. We don't step on our turfs, though... I mean we just seem to work best with the early concepts, simple ideas etc... It is simple that way, we don't go back too much after something has been done.
I guess we are lucky. It is just workflow... The result is what makes us both happy. Of course, we need sync, like everyone else. Comes, goes, but I know I can count on this workflow and it can only get better, never worse. Of course I'm full of shit, you never know. At this point it's all good and shiny, we got plans :)

                                                                                                 Silviu Badea aka Montgomery Clunk

Today we reveal the cover art on the new Montgomery Clunk 12'' Mondegreen. Again, it comes with a character. We see some kind of ghost with an arrow in his chest. What’s up with him?
P: It started with a really really small sketch I was doodling while procrastinating. Characters is what I like to draw the most and this one is pretty much inspired by the vibe of the songs Silviu sends me. I don't want to say what the character is because I never thought about this. I was just thinking about a pose and some kind of action that would look catchy like stepping in gum, something that happened to all of us cityfolks and we can relate to.
I also heard that people can draw things related to real life experiences they happen to go through, probably the subconcious, so maybe that arrow means something to me but I’m not sure.

S: Well he basically said it all. I was working on this 12", I had my share of concept inside my head so I went to Paul and asked for a cover... That would be a follow-up to 'Superbus', spiritually. I sent some stuff, shared my part of the concept and he gave visual life to it. This is how this character is supposed to look.
Of course theres meaning to it if we look at it, I could give an example, but... He could be everyone's 'hero'... As Paul said, I guess it's what got us together in the first place... How he put it: we like things that happen to all of us like stepping into a chewing gum... He was actually gonna avoid it but then he got an arrow in his chest :)

Is there a connection between both the cover for 'Superbus' and 'Mondegreen', something like a story or a concept?
P: The only connection is that they both picture the same fictitious universe, set in the neighborhood we both live in, Dristor.
S: There's a spiritual connection at this point. We're waiting to see where this will take us. Hope it leads to the light.

                                                                                                                                   Mr. Paul Paun

Finally, for a decent bit of tech-talk, can you comment on your drawing technique Paul?
P: I have a traditional style of drawing. Thanks to my former mentors I owe them a lot for passing me valuable lessons and theories in regard to lighting, poses, color, composition, anatomy etc. For digital works I start by sketching on paper (usually very small, this way I can have more control on scaling shapes) then I scan it to Photoshop or Illustrator, cut out the sketch I’m most pleased with, mirror it or flip it upside down to check if it looks solid and proceed to the drawing bit.
Its very important to keep things separated onto layers to minimize the fuck-ups. For example I start with the black lines then add color on a different layer.
I usually end up with +20 layers... I have to name them: lines, colors, shadows, details... but I forget to do this most of the time :) I’m very eager to upgrade my PC and take my art to the next level.

Thanks for the elaboration guys! Excited to work with you.

Catch Paul on Behance:

Mondegreen will be released on 12" vinyl with full artwork on april 16th. Watch this place!