Music from the Dark Corners of the Earth 25.11.2013

Two weeks ago we revealed the new identity of Silviu Badea, the young producer behind the Montgomery Clunk project. Adopting the C L N K moniker, Badea dives into nitty-gritty techno music that sets the pace for the exclusive Dark Corners of the World mixtape; an all-exclusive compilation of unreleased C L N K tracks, plus contributions of friends from Bucharest. We sat down with Silviu to discover what's behind his latest metamorphosis.

Can you elaborate on your transition from Montgomery Clunk to C L N K? Would you describe your latest productions as a complete break-up with what you have done before?
I make music for myself exclusively. It has always been like that and besides I have no rules. My music is like a diary, each release reflecting a certain period in my life. This includes influences from the music I like, from the city, from my family and my dear ones. The focus shifts all the time. Aesthetically my music is subject to permutation as well. I think I am unable to deliver two releases that feed of each other in any obvious way. That have a “trademark” sound or whatever. From a marketing point-of-view this might be a disadvantage, but I guess you know so better than me?
Conceptually the different projects I’m involved in are not related. I plan ahead what I want to do and when the time is right I just do it. There could be immediately two more albums that are very different from the ones that I have released already. Music is an intimate thing to me… I don’t want to grow old in the rat race sharing all my music with the world. Not that I would make a living out of music... But some of it will remain for my ears only. Coming back to the diary comparison- you don’t want to share all the pages with anyone.

Tell us about influences.
Influences vary a lot, which is why I can’t stay in a single place. I am lucky to be able to enjoy various types of music. To be honest, lately I didn’t have the time to listen to a lot of new music. Kept it to a few albums on repeat. No techno really. Stuff like Tim Hecker, Autechre... I don't think it really matters. After all.

While 'Mondegreen' sounded futuristic at times, 'Black Ecstasy' has that primordial, messed-up feel to it. Did you switch gear for the production? 
Gear... oh yeah, I have a lot of gear and I switch it all the time, haha. Yeah, you could say I changed gear but basically it is the same stuff, just produced differently, toggled different buttons. I try to make the best of what I have. There is also equipment that me and friends discover and share, each of us his own way.

You used to produce some pitch-black ambient/ noise things in the past with side projects Contorsionist and Fjord. Obviously 'Black Ecstasy' has abysmal potential, too. Do you follow wants happening at the borders of experimental metal and  textural electronic music?
Contorsionist is alive and kicking. Marius Costache (the guy that did that filmed interview that was on your site) invited me to record some of the stuff through a stack of amps. So Iwent there and I got blown away. Like, literally. Fjord is also alive; I am one half of Fjord. The other guy is Alex (the guy that mastered Superbus). We also have some tracks to be released sometime soon.
Black Ecstasy has been written in difficult times with a lot of limitations. Thing is that it has been ready for almost one year now. I couldn't get myself together to do the final touches because it kept bashing me into bad mood. Confusing and fuzzy times. As I said before, I listen to different sorts of music, metal and ambient and shit. I can’t say I have been keeping up with the any scene... Many of the stuff I listen to is five or ten years old. To me it is basically irrelevant where blogs and magazines and trends go. I believe that if you do what you love, luck will find you. The guys in the caves looking for talent will find us, you can call them vampires.

Is there a certain scene or community of like-minded producers you feel akin with? The mixtape you crafted credits an all-exclusive, all-Romanian playlist. Listening to it if feels the World is sleeping on Bucharest.
Yes. Basically everything in this mix is made by a bunch of guys from Bucharest. For the past five years we grew together musically… and mentally, to an extent. I don’t want to call it a scene, we just make music. Also, we don’t want to make a big fuzz out of it, just release music and only speak when it is time to speak. We are about to start a website and will releases music and graphics and stuff.
Bucharest, or Romania, is not on a map, in any particular way. It is not our goal to put it on the map. We just want to release stuff without a text the size of medicinal instructions. We are not coherent. We are individuals. 

Black Ecstasy will be released on 12" vinyl with full artwork on December 2nd. Watch this place!