H-SIK debuts with SHTRAK LOVE mixtape 01.06.2012


We are excited to welcome a new member to the Error Broadcast collective – please meet H-SIK. We sat down with the Amsterdam-based producer for a brief interview which you can read below. Moreover, H-SIK put together a tape for us that is not only brilliantly mixed but showcases the influences he draws from as a producer as well. If you have a knack for juke, electronic music, instrumental hip hop, and the whole continuum in between we insistently recommend to get down with H-SIK on 30 minutes of intense ‘SHTRAK LOVE’.

Can you give us a short introduction to who you are and where you're from?
My name is Hervé Sika aka H-SIK. Originally I am from the Ivory Coast. By the age of seven I was introduced to the cold European weather when my family moved to a small town near Lyon, France. After short spells in the South of France, I set up home in Amsterdam and have been here for the last seven years.

Do you feel part of a certain scene or surrounding of like-minded producer? Benelux countries like Belgium or the Netherlands saw a stunning range of fresh producers recently. Think of Krampfhaft, Anti-G, Jameszoo, Torus, Cupp Cave, Dynooo…
Yes, the music I listen to and the performances I attend in Holland these days definitely have an impact on me, and it shows in the music I am producing. Viral Radio, for example, is currently bringing a new air of openness and accessibility to the Dutch music scene. They help producers, artists, and event organizers with similar passions and interests to meet and listen to each other. Viral Radio provides a creative and friendly surrounding where people can greatly benefit from each other. Of course this has an impact on the music.

                                                                                                         C_DR_C and H-SIK at Viral Radio

You are associated with Shtrak, can you tell us about it?
"Shtrak" is a common slang word in South France, meaning crazy, wicked. For us, Shtrak means to make the best out of an unexpected situation. When I moved to the Netherlands I met C_DR_C and E.A.R.L and we decided to fund a collective that helps us to promote what we love: art and music. Moresounds is in the gang, too.

Your sound is very eclectic, it seems you can do zero bpm as well as 90 and 140. A certain nervousness on the snares however is characteristic to most of your productions. Can you elaborate on musical influences?
I asked myself this question a lot recently… As mentioned above, my beats are influenced by the experiences I have, and I channel this into my music. It’s like a sensation. I don't like to put my sounds into a box or label it and this is why I experiment with such a broad range of tempi and styles. I was also listening to some of my families’ music from the Ivory Coast some weeks ago and it struck me - wow this is so up-tempo and fast, even abstract, this also must be an influence on me!

That’s interesting, what kind of music is this?
It's a traditional band called TP Audio Rama, from the region I was born, Agneby.

You crafted a percussive and dense mix for us. What is your motivation as a DJ?
I want to do something that people can’t expect. Do something people can’t easily label, box, and forget about. I also think my DJ sets are different to my productions, again, showing the range of my musical passions rather than sticking to a certain bpm signature. Currently I love juke music and its maniac energy so maybe dancing shoes will be necessary, who knows – you better be prepared!

SHTRAK LOVE mixtape bit.ly/ebcmx010 | i.mixcloud.com/CB0SIa

H-SIK will release his debut EP "Cocody" with Error Broadcast the 2nd of July 2012