B-Ju: from Dog Day to Prozac People 21.12.2011

B-Ju is quite a special artist for EB as our very first vinyl release was with him. Exciting times, back then. The more we are happy to announce the release of his new EP Prozac People (digital/vinyl) for the 23th of January, 2012.
To celebrate we decided to put his Dog Day EP from 2010 online for free download, running from NOW until the 16th of January. It includes five original tunes plus remixes by 1000names, Herrmutt Lobby, Mux Mool, and ghost dog Benny B. Blonco.

Furthermore we sat down with the kid to talk about his future projects:

Since the release of 'My Sneakers' in June 2010 it’s been a bit quiet on your side. But just recently you made quite some noise with a new single, mixtapes, a b-sides collections and the remix EP 'Rapes'. What happened? Is B-Ju back?
I actually never stopped doing music! I had some releases after 'My Sneakers' like 'Babbel Net' (Dirty Bird) but I quit my shitty day job, so I had more time doing music lately.

Listening to your remix EP 'Rapes' (available for free download) it doesn’t sound much like the B-Ju one might remember from 'Philly Run' or 'Dog Day'. Can you tell us a bit of your influences and the direction your music takes? 
I finished the Dog Day EP in 2009 so I think it should it is no surpise my sound changed ever since then. Even if making non-club music feels more natural to me, I was definitely influenced by uptempo music in the last two years.
It might sound strange but I found more of the Hip Hop music that brought me to Error Broadcast in House and UK Bass than in what is classified as 'beat music'.

Haha, maybe that's true. Would you please comment on what ahead for 2012? Besides the 12" EP 'Prozac People' you have scheduled for us, any other releases in cue?
I'm going to release an EP on No Brainer and another EP on Squelch & Clap in early 2012. Besides that I want to finish my first full length album.

artwork by Nate James

2011 was the year that 'Post-Dilla' thing came to a halt eventually. Do you follow the beat scene, instrumental Hip Hop, or Rap music in general? What is your personal idea of the 'Boom Bap continuum', or should one say: Bass music continuum?
I never understood why people use that term 'Post-Dilla' because in the last five or six years I haven't heard any music that got even close to Dillas'.
Neither musically nor in terms of technique. The whole so called 'beat movement' kinda reminds me of the Turntablism scene around 2002 - 2004 when everybody thought he would belong to some sort of elitist circle. It ended up in boring geek shit that sounded all the same and that nobody cared about.
I wish people would focus on making music they actually love instead of trying to sound like 'Post insert-your-genre-here'.

As the year is on its last legs what five albums or artist made your 2011? On whom do you recommend to have an eye on?
I really enjoyed the latest releases of Kidnap Kid, Visionist, Lapti, Nocow, Monolithium, Julio Bashmore, B. Lewis, ASAP Rocky, French Fries, Throwing Snow and Taprikk Sweezee. Also loved 2562s' 'Fever' and 'Isla Dub' by Matthias Zimmermann.
Breach has a release upcoming on Dirtybird which is a monster. Always trying to follow the music by Montgomery Clunk and definitely keep an eye on 123Mrk. His shit is absolutely ridiculous. But please take my advice and don't play poker with him. He will fuck you up.

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DOWNLOAD his first EP Dog Day for FREE from our Bandcamp

Prozac People will be released January 23