2013: Our Year in Review & Family Charts / 23.12.2013

This year was rich of experience. With Soosh's beautiful 'Colour is Breathe' we had our first real album release, including quite a bit of music industry buzz. This 2LP was followed by a sweet remix 12" featuring Slugabed, Dam Mantle, The Cyclist, Synkro and more. After the Summer break we issued the debut EP by Lithuanian wunderkind 96wrld, 'Private Language' and towards the end of the year we switched back to album mode with 'Black Ecstasy' by good ole' Montgomery Clunk aka C L N K. A release we are proud of in particular because we charted into new territories, musically speaking.
Besides the 'big' releases we were delighted to present a free-for-download EP by B-Ju ('Cheap Shots'). Furthermore, a long-overdue project finally saw the light of day: we selected and arranged a couple of joints we had left from NYC producer Benny B. Blonco and released the unauthorized 'Random Knocks' tape. Don't sleep on this essential document of the school-of-2009 beat music.

These guys made our year. We asked them their top-5 releases, and included the favourites of UK producer Iglooghost who's set to publish his 'Treetunnels' tape with us in January and H-SIK, who will surely return to Error Broadcast in more

Montgomery Clunk returns as C L N K / 12.12.2013

is the latest musical incarnation of Silviu Badea a.k.a. Montgomery Clunk. Error Broadcast published two EPs with the enigmatic Romanian producer but following the release of ‘Mondegreen’ early in 2012 Badea went through a series of changes.We lost touch for a bit. Then, late in 2012, he re-appeared and out of the vacuum of his temporary exile Badea presented the full-length album you are about to witness as Black Ecstasy.
C L N K explores the bat caves of techno. Primordial music for the jilted generation, Black Ecstasy leans towards a variation of techno that directly stems from post punk and its electronic successors.

Black Ecstasy is now available all digital and on 180g 12" vinyl in full-color sleeve on sale at Boomkat, HHV, Juno and on our webstore. For more info and purchase options visit


96wrld Remix Contest #pvtrmx / 29.11.2013


Some tunes ask for a remix. Typically this is true for vocal music, and this is probably why Error Broadcast never organized a remix contest. Private Language by Lithuanian rising producer 96wrld is not an immediate candidate for a remix LP. However the title track showcases the beautiful vocals of Markas Palubenka and should be a perfect fit for adventurous re-interpretations. We want to hear your version of the "Private Language".


Upload your remix to stream on your Soundcloud and use the tag #pvtrmx to share it on facebook and twitter. Monday, January 6 we will pick three favourites. There's only a single rule you need to follow if you want to contribute to the contest: your remix needs to include the vocal stems/samples.

Remixes will be published as a digital EP accompanied by two new 96wrld originals and distributed worldwide by Alpha Pup. Furthermore, winners will be shipped with Error Broadcast vinyl packages including five records of individual choice. Lezzz go!

Music from the Dark Corners of the Earth / 25.11.2013

Two weeks ago we revealed the new identity of Silviu Badea, the young producer behind the Montgomery Clunk project. Adopting the C L N K moniker, Badea dives into nitty-gritty techno music that sets the pace for the exclusive Dark Corners of the World mixtape; an all-exclusive compilation of unreleased C L N K tracks, plus contributions of friends from Bucharest. We sat down with Silviu to discover what's behind his latest metamorphosis.

Can you elaborate on your transition from Montgomery Clunk to C L N K? Would you describe your latest productions as a complete break-up with what you have done before?
I make music for myself exclusively. It has always been like that and besides I have no rules. My music is like a diary, each release reflecting a certain period in my life. This includes influences from the music I like, from the city, from my family and my dear ones. The focus shifts all the time. Aesthetically my music is subject to permutation as well. I think I am unable to deliver two releases that feed of each other in any obvious more

The School of Random Knocks / 18.11.2013

Some guys never made it. We had big hope for this one in particular, big plans, back in 2008. Benny B. Blonco, legendary Myspace producer, one of the first with Mr. Dibiase and Elaquent to flip 8bit samples and turn them into hard-knocking hip hop instrumentals. Beatscene wunderkind. In 2010, the lad disapeared without a trace and all he left behind was a single tune and a remix he conducted for German producer B-Ju.

Fast forward three years later cats still want to know about Benny. Truth is: we have no idea where he’s gone or what he’s up to. But we kept his beats safe. And eventually decided to share his music with the world.
Random Knocks is a selection of Benny’s finest beats and tracks, the unauthorized legacy of a ghost producer, carefully refurbished and cut to fit. The tape is available on free download so please spread the word...and maybe Benny gets to know about it as well, somewhere, somehow.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Benny B. Blonco - Random Knocks

Leaner & meaner: Get to know C L N K / 11.11.2013

Our new release comes from an old friend, Montgomery Clunk. However his full-length album 'Black Ecstasy' runs under a different moniker. Silviu adopted the name C L N K as his new music explores the bat caves of techno.
You can stream the first single 'July Tense' which premiered on Dummy below, and download the unreleased Montgomery Clunk tune 'Hooded' from You'll Soon Know.

"July Tense leaves a not unwelcome metallic tang in the mouth. For all the dense texture and dexterous handling of scale, it is the naive keyboard melody that floats in and out that provides the perfect counterpoint to the deathly chaos that swims below."

Black Ecstasy will be available December 2 on 180 g heavy-weight vinyl in full-colour sleeves.


Kiss Your Soundcloud / 31.10.2013

Russian producer Pixelord released his first vinyl EP with Error Broadcast in 2011. Fish Touch became legend for it's specific blend of "8-bit Nintendo snippets and quivering dubstep beats" (P4K). Furthermore, it showcased remixes by kidkanevil and an upcoming producer by the name of OmUnit.
We recently crossed the sonic wall of 6k followers on Soundcloud and we're delighted to celebrate with an exclusive and brand-new remix by no one else than bassmusic prophet Boxcutter (Planet-Mu) who takes 'Kiss Your TV' to a new level.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Pixelord - Kiss Your TV (Boxcutter Remix)


'Private Language' available now / 26.09.2013


We're excited to finally introduce the newest member of the family. 96wrld's PRIVATE LANGUAGE EP is out NOW featuring Markas Palubenka and DZA.
Single 12" vinyl is now available on sale at BoomkatHHVJunoRush HourJet Set and on our webstore for just 8€. For more info and purchase options visit the release page.

Release party October 5th with 96wrldBrokenchordH-SikCDRC and more at Patronaat Haarlem, NL in collaboration with SHTRAK collective...see you there!

96wrld speaks 'Private Language' / 12.09.2013


Last time we visited SATTA outside we've been blown away by the music of young Lithuanian producer 96wrld who had a couple of singles with Monday Jazz and Renegades of Bump. We signed him right away and we're excited to finally share with the world his debut EP 'Private Language' that will see the light September 23rd on 12" vinyl and digital. A collection of eight tunes that showcase 96wrld's potential as a producer and songwriter that embraces different composition styles, typically in a single tune.
His arrangements are complex and give away all detail only on repeated listen. However, tracks like Bruce Willis can put any club to pieces easily...test yourself.

BONUS FREE DOWNLOAD: 96wrld - Bruce Willis (via XLR8R)


Summer Mixtape from Zack Christ / 15.07.2013

We first came upon Zack Christ when Soosh introduced the name as a potential remixer for his Colour is Breathe Remixes project late in 2012. Shortly after, Zack stared in a collaborative EP with prolific Muscovite Pixelord and had a single release on Infinite Machine. Just recently, he officially remixed Bambooman for Londons' Sonic Router Records. It is safe to Zack Christ made himself a name in no time. We are proud to present an exclusive contribution of the Danish producer in our infrequent series of mixtapes.

More info and tracklist:


Surprise! B-Ju unleashes free EP / 14.05.2013

Our man B-Ju celebrates 2k Likes on Facebook and gives away his brandnew & exclusive 'Cheap Shots' EP. Remix by Haitian voodoo priests Kontan Chok, hyperspace cover art by Ugly Stupid Honest. Free download, please share!

Please Welcome Our New Signing... / 09.05.2013

Earlier this year SINCE crew organized an Error Broadcast showcase in Rome and we had the chance to present our new signing. His name is 96wrld, and is one of the most exciting producers of the up-and-coming Lithuanian electronic scene (Satta Outside anyone?).
You'll hear more about him soon. In the meantime you can get an idea how his 12'' EP Private Language will sound like by checking the video report of that night in Rome or downloading his 'Pop-A-Mix' version of Soosh's single 'Colour is Breathe' from The Find Magazine.

BONUS FREE DOWNLOAD: Soosh - Colour is Breathe (96wrld's Pop-A-Mix)

Soosh returns with Remix Album / 04.05.2013

Our second release in 2013 comes from ten friendly producers that remixed Soosh's debut LP Colour is Breathe. We are very happy to present a colourful selection of established names (DELS, Dam Mantle, Slugabed), hotly tipped newcomers (Evenings, The Cyclist) and exclusive discoveries (Slowcoach,Slowwkid).

12" vinyl is now available at Boomkat, HHV, Juno, Rush Hour, Jet Set and on our webstore. For more info, free downloads and purchase options visit


In case you missed it... / 09.03.2013

After the official release of Colour is Breathe, Soosh has been busy promoting his debut album. Two things we don't want you to miss are the exclusive mixtape he recorded for DUMMY magazine with an eclectic and exciting selection of contemporary electronic music. Furthermore, don't forget to check the official music video for 'Uncertain' directed by Simeon Cristallin and as premiered over at The Line of Best Fit. Check his answers in the interview revealing an exciting project coming out end of April... We can't wait to share with you.

To celebrate 10k followers on Soundcloud Soosh uploaded a bootleg remix of 
Dahlia Black Gang's anthem Fuck a Rap Song, "keeping the sinister elements that run through the original track, whilst weaving in more ambient and muted textures, making for a rather jarring mixture of sounds" (Crack in the Road).


'Colour is Breathe' double LP available NOW / 28.02.2013

It's finally here! Soosh debut album 'Colour is breathe' is out now, a collection of 11 tracks of textural ambience and humanised beats, a sea of woozy analogue synths, drum machines and textural field recordings. The artists’ younger sister, contributes vocals that brim with longing and love, gracing the record with an allure that makes it somewhat indefinable for either genre or gender.

"With intimate, Massive Attack-esque vocals, the cuts blossom into ethereal, dizzying soundscapes that hit with a cold wave of chill."

"Gorgeous tracks, i think im in love with them" - HAPPA

"This album encloses the listener like a film of abstraction between them and the outside world,slowing things down for a moment." - BLACK PLASTIC

"Album sounds amazing" - MMOTHS

"All awash with lush crystalline chords, slow tub thumping broken hip hop drum patterns, roughly captured vocal lines and this general down trodden emotion" - SONIC ROUTER

further support from fLako / T.I.P. / Dam Mantle / Dark Sky

Double LP vinyl is now available on sale at Boomkat, HHV, Juno, Rush Hour, Jet Set and on our webstore for just 16€ including worldwide shipping and digital download. For more info and purchase options visit the release page.


SOOSH announces debut album / 15.01.2013

We are extremely happy to announce our first full album release. We teamed with UK beatmaker 
Soosh who appeared on Error Broadcast for his big remix on Shlohmo's 'Couch' in December 2011.

Soosh is the recording name of Soroosh Khavari, an electronic music producer born in Iran and raised in Scotland. After EP appearances on numerous labels, the artists' debut long player 'Colour is Breathe' explores the folds that fuse textural ambience and humanised beats, whilst adding a euphoric pop-twist.
Sooshs' trademark low-swung hip hop beats and organic instrumentation is countered and enhanced by moments of dreamy and endearing delicacy. 'Colour is Breathe' is both intricate and intimate; its wispy notes and pastel melodies at times make the album a headphone affair. Equally, however, these are songs to be shared on discerning dance floors as slow, organic dance music.

For an idea of what 'Colour Is Breathe' will sound like, you can stream the digital bonus track 'Touched' below. PRE-ORDER available from our store for 16€ including worldwide postage!