The fictitious world of Montgomery Clunk / 20.03.2012

A couple of months ago we announced a new Montgomery Clunk's ep in 2012. The time has come and today we unveil the artwork of the Mondegreen EP which has been once again drawn by Paul Paun, the young artist behind the twisted cover of Monty's previous work, Superbus.
We sat down with both Silviu and Paul to discover what's behind these fascinating characters and their connection with the music.

Hi Paul, Silviu, please give us a brief introduction to who you are and what you do.

Paul: Ey I'm Paul 20 years old, I live in Bucharest, Romania and I am currently studying graphic design at the National Arts Academy. I've been drawing since I can remember.
I consider myself one of those really lucky people that can go through life doing exactly what they love for a living. I like the slack and the lack of responsabilities that come with an artist's life yet this is changing now since I'm going into graphic design and the sort. I'm creeping up on 3D art and animation, dreaming on doing something massive and impressive, hope my delusions of grandeur help me achieve this.
Silviu: Hey, I'm 23... I'm Silviu. I'm mostly interested in various forms of sound.
Sometimes I go out with my friends. Got dreams, too. I also play videogames and all more