Zansho Mixtape / 23.08.2011

Next in our in-frequent series of mixtapes is ichiro_, one Japans' top-notch beat makers. We have been working with the Nerima-based producer for remixes on 'Error Code' by AEED and DZA's sold-out cassette. He just released the debut album 'Unconsidered_' with Japanese Oilworks and published a digital EP 'Noon' earlier in June 2011.

What is true for ichiro_'s original productions can be found with 'Zansho' as well. He squeezes 23 tracks into 60 tight minutes, songs strongly enlaced and re-edited with reverb, delay, and compression.
What we get to hear is one hour of high energy beats, a mesmerizing flow of instrumental Hip Hop and electronic music, with hints of UK Bass and Japanese Rap. ichiro_ balances abrasive beats with highly textured pads; his influence from Ambient and Tape music is obvious.
Despite all the heavyness ichiro_ manages to surprise with elegant and fresh sounds every once a while, making 'Zansho' a proper must-listen.

Satta Outside 2011 / 10.08.2011

For the second year in a row Error Broadcast will be massively represented at SATTA Outside festival in Lithuania. EB showcase is scheduled for this friday and will feature Montgomery Clunk, Taprikk Sweezee and Arousal.

For more information and full line-up visit Fear Not the Dark!

Free Monolithium and Prison Garde Music / 01.08.2011

The folks at sub|divison published two excellent downloads last week.
First, they made available all bootleg remixes that had surfaced after the release of 'Simon & G-Funk' (the 12" as pictured above). This includes works by RocCazba, Taal Mala, Kevin Eames, and Montgomery Clunk, plus the original 'Simon & G-Funk' that had been promoted by XLR8R before. Download the pack from the sub|division web.

Second, Canda's finest Prison Garde hooked up with sub|division to give away his album 'Système Hermès' for no charge. The liner notes promise, "Phasing through multiple tempos, Prison Garde is capable of taking a d-flo from low-slung funk groove all the way to a dirty, sexed-up disco grind, all with original material", which is true indeed. Download the whole LP here.