iL - apoLLo1ne3hree / 21.03.2011

We are excited to host the debut of avant-garde beat scene producer iL. Hailing from the vast plains of Illinois, USA, iL invites you to take a deep dive into his spacious and ultra-violet collage music.

 is adventurous and the opposite of a comfort listen. Random like shooting stars, beats fly into the black, not following any common metric patterns. Synthesizer textures interfere with twisted vocal samples, once sick, once bitter-sweet and heart-rending. Dub, Hip Hop, Ambient, Soul – you know about these styles but you have not heard iLs mutant combination.

Digital deluxe edition comes with 4 bonus tracks, lossless audio and hi-res artwork by Nate James.

ebctp003 iL -apoLLo1ne3hree

Nihon Kizuna means Friendship / 18.03.2011

Over 40 international artists have donated music for the Nihon Kizuna compilation in aid of the Japan disaster relief effort. Nihon Kizuna, or 日本絆 in Japanese roughly translates as ‘bond of friendship with Japan’.

All proceeds from the compilation will be given to the
Japan Red Cross directly.

We are part of this beautiful project with Mux Mools' remix of the classic B-Ju banger 'Philly Run'. Come on!

Taprikk Sweezee gets remixed / 11.03.2011

German falsetto virtuoso Taprikk Sweezee released his new EP ‘Poly’ on Michael Fakesch’s Musik Aus Strom label earlier this month. Sweezee teamed up with beat makers E.A.R.L., BUSY and HBO to deliver a piece of at-the-edge Soul, bringing together his unique voice with some of the most far-out beats we heard so far.

Good news is that Error Broadcast will publish the Poly Remixes in the very near future. Amongst others, the likes of Skyence, Kidkanevil, Mono/Poly, Digi G'Alessio, Montgomery Clunk and Monolithium are about to deliver their re-interpretation of the Sweezee Mutant Funk. Watch this place.

'Taprikk Sweezee feat BUSY - Eating At The Void' by Chichirik

The Monolithic sound of Canada / 02.03.2011

pic by Charlotte Dobre

For introduction, please let us who's Monolithium and where you from.

I’m a DJ/producer/promoter based out of Victoria BC, Canada. Fan of Wu-Tang Clan, Erykah Badu, Aphex Twin, Leonard Cohen, Dabrye, Godflesh, Sa-Ra, Ricardo Villalobos and J Dilla. Most people know me as Longshanks. I run the swaggest party in town, a future music monthly called sub|division (see above). I’ve been scheming on my own productions for a minute. Monolithium is the sound of years of Hip Hop obsession mixed with the future sound continuum that has blossomed over the last couple of more