Pitchfork reviews Fish Touch / 24.02.2011

Megalomaniac Pitchfork posted a full-length review on Pixelord's 'Fish Touch' 12". Feared and admired for their critical articles we are happy to have Pixelord ending up with a quality vote of 7.3.

"The stutter of UK garage artists like El-B and the ghosted vocal samples of Burial have been explored thoroughly in the past several years, with varying degrees of success. What Devyanin brings to the table is restraint combined with an eagerness to blur the trappings of all these genres; his use of video game sounds adds a childlike sensibility that allows these songs to be at once ominous and mischievous."

"As the limits of quantized beats get continuously stretched and mutated, it's fascinating to enter the mind of a producer who doesn't hear the usual limitations and is willing to let his music travel in any number of directions."

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Tropical Moscow / 09.02.2011

Pixelord's 'Fish Touch' gained a lot of love since it's release two weeks back. After being featured on MTV Iggy's 'Bands we like' rubric, Pixelord won the 'Artist of the Week' competition, resulting in a full-length interview article at MTV Music. Goes along quite well with his interview for Knowledge Magazine, too.

This week now, XLR8R Magazine posted a short heads-up on 'Fish Touch', leaking an exclusive remake of the lead single. 'Fish Touch (Tropical VIP)' "transforms the original's squelchy ragga flavors into a rolling UK bass nodder that moves the track onto the dancefloor and into 130-bpm territory", as XLR8R puts it. Make sure to grab this free download gem!