Fish Touch Video and Discount Campaign / 28.10.2011

Oi this one came as a blast last night. Daniel Medhurst finished his video for kidkanevil's remix of the classic 'Fish Touch' by Pixelord. Watch it above.

To celebrate, we are running a one-week campaign, offering a 25% discount on every purchase of the Fish Touch 12" from our shop. Seven days, and only until all vinyl is gone. Actually, we do not have to many copies left... Note that all sales include download of the whole album from our bandcamp.

Go to BIGCARTEL and add LICKFISH as discount code

Repolyx out NOW / 24.10.2011

Taprikk Sweezee
is a producer and vocalist living in Hamburg, Germany. He worked with the likes of Michael Fakesch and Andi Thoma and released on !K7, First Word Records and more. With Repolyx you can find the four original tunes of his recent Poly EP (2011, Musik aus Strom) re-modelled by artists from the immediate and extended EB family including Montgomery Clunk, Jameszoo, Pixelord, Monolithium, kidkanevil, Digi G'alessio and more.

is available as a super-limited music cassette with full-colour inlays and bi-coloured labels on black body exclusively on our store. Only 100 copies! Read more on error-broadcast.com/ebctp005

BONUS FREE DOWNLOAD: Mercury (E.A.R.L. Minamata Remix)

Vlek reaching out / 22.10.2011

For those who don't know Vlek is a Brussels-based label which has been doing things big way from day one. Their new release in the AMAI 7" series (pre-order available) includes our big man DZA, Herrmutt Lobby and the newcomer Richard Colvaen, whose track is featured in this stunning video by Beaver & Beaver just premiered on XLR8R.

We at Error Broadcast are seriously in love with these guys and we managed to organize their showcase in Milan with the good people of We Got Hands.
For the occasion Belgium's finest Squeaky Lobster and Ssaliva (aka Cupp Cave) will fly south supported by local heroes Pigro on Sofa and Fitness Bitch.
Future is set to happen nov 9th at Toilet club (facebook event) and you were warned.

Blurred vibes / 06.10.2011

Maguett aka Dmitrii Drozdov started his carrier in music with razor-sharp and nihilistic IDM on a number of Russian netlabels. When he had his track ‘Fog Movement’ on our first release Bag of Nothingness Dima had moved towards a more beat scene-oriented sound already. Maguett has never been at the very core of the Fly Russia movement, but his contribution ‘Orange Flame’ to the compilation of the same name added a dark shade that is important for the full picture.
Thus it is no wonder G5 Music has eventually put its hands on Maguett and published his first proper releases in a long while. Make sure not to miss out on Twilight.

Maguetts' mixtape Blurred plays the cards pretty smooth. He sews soulful vocals into ambient textures, plays with different time codes and atmospheres and switches elegantly from lo-fi VHS sounds to ultradeep Dub spheres. By times sugarsweet, then again intractable this is not a DJ set to rock a club but an artistically challenging patchwork of contemporary Bass Music.