Asiluum Case Studies: Montgomery Clunk / 27.12.2011

Bucharest-based label Asiluum visited Montgomery Clunk in Dristor district to  shoot a documentary about the man behind  the project, Silviu Badea, one of the most promising names of the new-school sound of Romania.
They also asked him to play some of the new tracks that will be out on the Mondegreen EP we announced last month so you better activate subtitles and listen closely...

Furthermore the godfather of Romanian electronic scene, Cosmin TRG, played a Montgomery Clunk's tune on his mix for Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Show recognising  him, again, as one of the name to follow in 2012. Can't agree more!

B-Ju: from Dog Day to Prozac People / 21.12.2011

B-Ju is quite a special artist for EB as our very first vinyl release was with him. Exciting times, back then. The more we are happy to announce the release of his new EP Prozac People (digital/vinyl) for the 23th of January, 2012.
To celebrate we decided to put his Dog Day EP from 2010 online for free download, running from NOW until the 16th of January. It includes five original tunes plus remixes by 1000names, Herrmutt Lobby, Mux Mool, and ghost dog Benny B. Blonco.

Furthermore we sat down with the kid to talk about his future more

Shlo-fi reissue out NOW / 09.12.2011

What people have constantly been asking for finally becomes reality...
We re-issue the mini album Shlo-fi by Bay Area beat conductor Shlohmo. The tape dropped late in 2009 can be seen as breeding ground for the more subtle aspects in the work of young Laufer who recently earned massive praise with his left-field masterpiece ‘Bad Vibes’.

Shlo-fi was carefully re-mastered for the 2011 edit. The 12” version (300 copies) features original track listing and artwork and comes with full-colour sleeves and labels. The digital and 2x 12” version includes remixes by Anenon, S.Maharba, and Wanda Group (former Dem Hunger) as well as newcomers Soosh and Jameszoo.

More info on


Monty Clunk is back! / 24.11.2011

This week we reached 3000 followers on Soundcloud and 1000 on Mixcloud so we decided to celebrate with a free tune by the one and only Montgomery Clunk.
His debut EP, Superbus, came out exactly one year ago and since then many of you have been asked for more. Choke is one of his undiscovered gems and we're very happy to give it to you as an anticipation of Mondegreen EP which is going to drop on Error Broadcast early next year. Clunk dat!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Montgomery Clunk - Choke

Just BEAT.IT / 14.11.2011


Error Broadcast contributed to the creation of BEAT.IT, an inside view on the new wave of Italian beat scene. The whole project has been masterminded by our friend Railster in collaboration with a long list of artists, friends and media partners.
The result, a 16-tracks compilation, is out today featuring some of the most talented producers of the Italian scene such as AD Bourke, Morpheground, Digi G'alessio, Colossius and many others for 50 minutes of future beats available for free download.

More info and download on

Dropping Gems / 11.11.2011

Label honchos Flip & Swift did a retrospective mixtape for the Rapohnelizenz podcast.
It was the occasion to re-discover our back-catalogue and some of the gems we released in the last two years, everything condensed into 40 minutes of music.
Enjoy and spread the error!

Shlo-fi gets vinyl treatment / 04.11.2011

We are proud to announce the vinyl re-release of Shlo-fi, Shlohmo's mini album from 2009. You can pre-order the standard and deluxe double-LP (limited to 100 200 copies) from our shopHHV or Insound. Vinyl will ship December 5.

 had the news yesterday and posted up a remix of Couch by Scottish beatmaker Soosh.

The tunesmith's first 'mini-album', Shlo-Fi, first appeared back then, courtesy of the forward-thinking Error Broadcast label, and is now being treated to a re-release on 12" vinyl, as well as a limited-edition double-LP version that features Shlohmo's nine original productions along with four remixes by Anenon, Soosh, S.Maharba and Jameszoo (Wanda Group aka Dem Hunger in the digital package). This downtrodden version of "Couch" by Glaswegian beatmaker Soosh is among those new versions, and perfectly exhibits the kind of brooding, fuzzy electronics Shlo-Fi boasts as a whole.

FREE DOWNLOAD via XLR8R: Shlohmo - Couch (Soosh Remix)


Fish Touch Video and Discount Campaign / 28.10.2011

Oi this one came as a blast last night. Daniel Medhurst finished his video for kidkanevil's remix of the classic 'Fish Touch' by Pixelord. Watch it above.

To celebrate, we are running a one-week campaign, offering a 25% discount on every purchase of the Fish Touch 12" from our shop. Seven days, and only until all vinyl is gone. Actually, we do not have to many copies left... Note that all sales include download of the whole album from our bandcamp.

Go to BIGCARTEL and add LICKFISH as discount code

Repolyx out NOW / 24.10.2011

Taprikk Sweezee
is a producer and vocalist living in Hamburg, Germany. He worked with the likes of Michael Fakesch and Andi Thoma and released on !K7, First Word Records and more. With Repolyx you can find the four original tunes of his recent Poly EP (2011, Musik aus Strom) re-modelled by artists from the immediate and extended EB family including Montgomery Clunk, Jameszoo, Pixelord, Monolithium, kidkanevil, Digi G'alessio and more.

is available as a super-limited music cassette with full-colour inlays and bi-coloured labels on black body exclusively on our store. Only 100 copies! Read more on

BONUS FREE DOWNLOAD: Mercury (E.A.R.L. Minamata Remix)

Vlek reaching out / 22.10.2011

For those who don't know Vlek is a Brussels-based label which has been doing things big way from day one. Their new release in the AMAI 7" series (pre-order available) includes our big man DZA, Herrmutt Lobby and the newcomer Richard Colvaen, whose track is featured in this stunning video by Beaver & Beaver just premiered on XLR8R.

We at Error Broadcast are seriously in love with these guys and we managed to organize their showcase in Milan with the good people of We Got Hands.
For the occasion Belgium's finest Squeaky Lobster and Ssaliva (aka Cupp Cave) will fly south supported by local heroes Pigro on Sofa and Fitness Bitch.
Future is set to happen nov 9th at Toilet club (facebook event) and you were warned.

Blurred vibes / 06.10.2011

Maguett aka Dmitrii Drozdov started his carrier in music with razor-sharp and nihilistic IDM on a number of Russian netlabels. When he had his track ‘Fog Movement’ on our first release Bag of Nothingness Dima had moved towards a more beat scene-oriented sound already. Maguett has never been at the very core of the Fly Russia movement, but his contribution ‘Orange Flame’ to the compilation of the same name added a dark shade that is important for the full picture.
Thus it is no wonder G5 Music has eventually put its hands on Maguett and published his first proper releases in a long while. Make sure not to miss out on Twilight.

Maguetts' mixtape Blurred plays the cards pretty smooth. He sews soulful vocals into ambient textures, plays with different time codes and atmospheres and switches elegantly from lo-fi VHS sounds to ultradeep Dub spheres. By times sugarsweet, then again intractable this is not a DJ set to rock a club but an artistically challenging patchwork of contemporary Bass Music.


Monolithium tours US west coast / 30.09.2011

So glad to see the man getting around! While writing, Decibel fest is in full affect and the Monolithium show already history. Check on XLR8R what they think how it went.

Monolithium will play LA's Heavy and Low End Theory, the later with the legendary Dabrye. We can't think of a line-up any more dope and shed a tear for living that far. Check the MNLTHMBLR for the entire schedule.


Zansho Mixtape / 23.08.2011

Next in our in-frequent series of mixtapes is ichiro_, one Japans' top-notch beat makers. We have been working with the Nerima-based producer for remixes on 'Error Code' by AEED and DZA's sold-out cassette. He just released the debut album 'Unconsidered_' with Japanese Oilworks and published a digital EP 'Noon' earlier in June 2011.

What is true for ichiro_'s original productions can be found with 'Zansho' as well. He squeezes 23 tracks into 60 tight minutes, songs strongly enlaced and re-edited with reverb, delay, and compression.
What we get to hear is one hour of high energy beats, a mesmerizing flow of instrumental Hip Hop and electronic music, with hints of UK Bass and Japanese Rap. ichiro_ balances abrasive beats with highly textured pads; his influence from Ambient and Tape music is obvious.
Despite all the heavyness ichiro_ manages to surprise with elegant and fresh sounds every once a while, making 'Zansho' a proper must-listen.

Satta Outside 2011 / 10.08.2011

For the second year in a row Error Broadcast will be massively represented at SATTA Outside festival in Lithuania. EB showcase is scheduled for this friday and will feature Montgomery Clunk, Taprikk Sweezee and Arousal.

For more information and full line-up visit Fear Not the Dark!

Free Monolithium and Prison Garde Music / 01.08.2011

The folks at sub|divison published two excellent downloads last week.
First, they made available all bootleg remixes that had surfaced after the release of 'Simon & G-Funk' (the 12" as pictured above). This includes works by RocCazba, Taal Mala, Kevin Eames, and Montgomery Clunk, plus the original 'Simon & G-Funk' that had been promoted by XLR8R before. Download the pack from the sub|division web.

Second, Canda's finest Prison Garde hooked up with sub|division to give away his album 'Système Hermès' for no charge. The liner notes promise, "Phasing through multiple tempos, Prison Garde is capable of taking a d-flo from low-slung funk groove all the way to a dirty, sexed-up disco grind, all with original material", which is true indeed. Download the whole LP here.


Beast Maker / 22.07.2011

Zoo Keeper is the brand-new 12" vinyl EP by Russian beat maker DZA. You can find the versatile producer leaving the trail of stumbling beats and scattered loops with these six tunes. DZA embraces Rave and Acid, mixes saccharine 8bit melodies with bass tempest and manages to make this mixture sound cool as anything.
Tracks like 'Zoo Keeper', 'Limbo' and 'Vanillaface' (featuring our own Montgomery Clunk) are hymns, instantly able to energize dance floors all over the world.

teams up with US bass music high-flyer Salva (Frite NiteFriends of Friends Music) who delivers a lush and airy remix of 'Zoo Keeper' while Italian Digi G'alessio (Overknights) revitalizes good ole wobble on his version of the percussive 'Sea Monstr' riddim.

Zoo Keeper is available all digital (Bandcamp / Boomkat / iTunes / Bleep / Juno) and on 12" clear vinyl limited edition of 200 copies exclusively on our Big Cartel store.

Zoo Keeper First Listen / 02.07.2011

'Zoo Keeper' is the brand-new 12" vinyl EP by DZA. The critically acclaimed Moscow beat maker embraces Rave and Acid, mixes saccharine 8bit melodies with bass tempest and manages to make this mixture sound cool as anything.

EP drops 18-07, available on clear 12" vinyl and all digital. Here is your chance to download SEA MONSTR the first beast unleashed from DZAs zoo.


P.S. The good folks at Red Bull Music Academy wrote up Zoo Keeper and published the set DZA played at Sónar in June 2011. Unmissable. Stream here


The Fly Russia Takeover / 15.06.2011

Two weeks ago, Satellite Voices (as part of the Dazed Digital network) organized a Fly Russia Takeover, interviewing some key figures of the Russian beat scene. We helped getting interviews and media footage together, here’s a little wrap-up.

Above you can enjoy a skate trip trough a late 70’s Odessa, cut and ingeniously orchestrated by our man OL. His interview and all the other articles after the jump. more


Simon & G-Funk / 27.05.2011

Early in March, we had Victoria-based Monolithium up for an interview on music, his monthly sub|divison, and the Canadian bass scene in general.
The Monolithium remix of Ricardo Villalobos' Easy Lee was featured in XLR8R’s top downloads of 2011 and we were talking about his debut EP back then.
Today we are happy to have a definite release date for you: 'Simon & G-Funk' will see the neon light of your favourite beat cave not later than June 6.

To celebrate this swaggy piece of astral crunk (self-definition), we pressed 200 copies of lush white vinyl, featuring remixes by Prison Garde and LuckyMe-affiliated ANGO.
Run to see Monolithium live at Mutek June 4, and for now, grab this wonderfully electric re-make of 'Selfish Lil' Crunk' by swing sultan RocCazba.

BONUS FREE DOWNLOAD: Monolithium - Selfish Lil' Crunk (RocCazba Remix)

Jameszoo is trippin / 23.05.2011

After Anenon and S.Maharba we're back with another exclusive mixtape from one of the most exciting producers of the moment, Kindred Spirits' wunderkind Jameszoo. Not much is known about the young fella except he's 19 (can you believe?) and that he is going to release a concept album around the iconic figure of Hermeto Pascoal on Amsterdam's Kindred Spirits (Dorian Concept, Jneiro Jarel, Mwëslee, ...).
We first saw the light in his eyes when the futuristic Pixelord's remix dropped on Lucid Freaks pt.2, but he's now ready to take off with his own melange of future-soul and abstract beats. Go cop his 7" to get an idea of what we're talking about…

When i'm trippin is a 23-tracks journey into Jameszoo's musical world, connecting past and present of the Nu-School beats. From Jazz to Boom Bap Hip Hop, from experimental electronica to new Bass-science.
Originality is still alive somewhere…this is the place!

More info and D/L at

DZA gets Magnetic / 09.05.2011

DZA's epic 'Five-Finger Remixes' release will be available for audio download next week, Monday the 16th of May. However, you can stream the full release via our bandcamp already today. Furthermore, we are celebrating the launch of our new shop for physical releases with 'Five-Finger Remixes'. You will be finally able to purchase multiple articles without accumulating shipping costs.
We also lowered shipping for the World and sorted out a way to provide free audio download upon purchase of vinyl.

Try it now by placing your 'Five-Finger Remixes' cassette PRE-ORDER, but keep in mind there's only 100 COPIES. In case you are hesitant, our friends at Gimme5 arranged a cassette give-away. Answer the following question and win one of three cassettes:


Mail your answer to Good luck!


Five-Finger Remixes / 29.04.2011

pic by Low Bob

Moscow beat tycoon DZA released his ‘Five Finger Discount’ tape with EB in 2010. Not much later the Russian beatscene came loose and RBMA-adept DZA had a 12” release on Black Acre, was featured everywhere from Pitchfork to MTV Music and is booked to play Sonár this year. Next up in the agenda there is an Italian tour with stops in Florence (May 6th), hosted by Overknights crew, and one day later in Milan, with Asterix fam.

Today EB is proud to announce the release of ‘Five-Finger Remixes’, the 60-minutes, 20-tracks remake to DZA’s beat tape. From the 16 of May the album will be available digital and as a strictly limited noble white cassette that comes with exclusive stickers. Furthermore, and this is big news, purchase of the cassette includes a discount on the 12” EP ‘Zoo Keeper’ EB will publish early in June. More on this in a little while, for now grab the epic remake of ‘Eskimo’ by Siberian duo Demokracy.

Free Download: DZA - Eskimo (Demokracy Remix)

BEATLAB 330" presents EB Label Night / 07.04.2011

We're extremely excited to announce the very first official Error Broadcast Label night to be hosted next saturday (april 16) in Den Haag, Netherlands by the Beatlab 330" crew.
Representing the collective label founder Flip aka Arousal, rising star Jameszoo, from which you should expect big things coming on Kindred Spirits, and our very own B-Ju who'll give an update of what he's been doing in the lab since the very sold-out Dog Day EP. Credit for poster artwork goes once again to our collaborator Nate James.

More information can be found on Facebook and Last.fmGET CLOSER! 


iL - apoLLo1ne3hree / 21.03.2011

We are excited to host the debut of avant-garde beat scene producer iL. Hailing from the vast plains of Illinois, USA, iL invites you to take a deep dive into his spacious and ultra-violet collage music.

 is adventurous and the opposite of a comfort listen. Random like shooting stars, beats fly into the black, not following any common metric patterns. Synthesizer textures interfere with twisted vocal samples, once sick, once bitter-sweet and heart-rending. Dub, Hip Hop, Ambient, Soul – you know about these styles but you have not heard iLs mutant combination.

Digital deluxe edition comes with 4 bonus tracks, lossless audio and hi-res artwork by Nate James.

ebctp003 iL -apoLLo1ne3hree

Nihon Kizuna means Friendship / 18.03.2011

Over 40 international artists have donated music for the Nihon Kizuna compilation in aid of the Japan disaster relief effort. Nihon Kizuna, or 日本絆 in Japanese roughly translates as ‘bond of friendship with Japan’.

All proceeds from the compilation will be given to the
Japan Red Cross directly.

We are part of this beautiful project with Mux Mools' remix of the classic B-Ju banger 'Philly Run'. Come on!

Taprikk Sweezee gets remixed / 11.03.2011

German falsetto virtuoso Taprikk Sweezee released his new EP ‘Poly’ on Michael Fakesch’s Musik Aus Strom label earlier this month. Sweezee teamed up with beat makers E.A.R.L., BUSY and HBO to deliver a piece of at-the-edge Soul, bringing together his unique voice with some of the most far-out beats we heard so far.

Good news is that Error Broadcast will publish the Poly Remixes in the very near future. Amongst others, the likes of Skyence, Kidkanevil, Mono/Poly, Digi G'Alessio, Montgomery Clunk and Monolithium are about to deliver their re-interpretation of the Sweezee Mutant Funk. Watch this place.

'Taprikk Sweezee feat BUSY - Eating At The Void' by Chichirik

The Monolithic sound of Canada / 02.03.2011

pic by Charlotte Dobre

For introduction, please let us who's Monolithium and where you from.

I’m a DJ/producer/promoter based out of Victoria BC, Canada. Fan of Wu-Tang Clan, Erykah Badu, Aphex Twin, Leonard Cohen, Dabrye, Godflesh, Sa-Ra, Ricardo Villalobos and J Dilla. Most people know me as Longshanks. I run the swaggest party in town, a future music monthly called sub|division (see above). I’ve been scheming on my own productions for a minute. Monolithium is the sound of years of Hip Hop obsession mixed with the future sound continuum that has blossomed over the last couple of more


Pitchfork reviews Fish Touch / 24.02.2011

Megalomaniac Pitchfork posted a full-length review on Pixelord's 'Fish Touch' 12". Feared and admired for their critical articles we are happy to have Pixelord ending up with a quality vote of 7.3.

"The stutter of UK garage artists like El-B and the ghosted vocal samples of Burial have been explored thoroughly in the past several years, with varying degrees of success. What Devyanin brings to the table is restraint combined with an eagerness to blur the trappings of all these genres; his use of video game sounds adds a childlike sensibility that allows these songs to be at once ominous and mischievous."

"As the limits of quantized beats get continuously stretched and mutated, it's fascinating to enter the mind of a producer who doesn't hear the usual limitations and is willing to let his music travel in any number of directions."

Buy this precious gem at Error Broadcast store | Bleep | Rush Hour | HHV

Tropical Moscow / 09.02.2011

Pixelord's 'Fish Touch' gained a lot of love since it's release two weeks back. After being featured on MTV Iggy's 'Bands we like' rubric, Pixelord won the 'Artist of the Week' competition, resulting in a full-length interview article at MTV Music. Goes along quite well with his interview for Knowledge Magazine, too.

This week now, XLR8R Magazine posted a short heads-up on 'Fish Touch', leaking an exclusive remake of the lead single. 'Fish Touch (Tropical VIP)' "transforms the original's squelchy ragga flavors into a rolling UK bass nodder that moves the track onto the dancefloor and into 130-bpm territory", as XLR8R puts it. Make sure to grab this free download gem!


Fish Touch out NOW / 25.01.2011

Fish Touch, the brand new single by Pixelord, is officially out!

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Single
33 rpm 12" vinyl, full-colour label art/sleeve

X1 ~ Fish Touch
X2 ~ Kiss Your TV
X3 ~ Fish Touch (Busted by heRobust)
Y1 ~ Cybernator
Y2 ~ Flower Cannon
Y3 ~ Cybernator (Om Unit Remix)

Digital EP

1 ~ Fish Touch 
2 ~ Kiss Your TV 
3 ~ Cybernator
4 ~ Flower Cannon 
5 ~ Fish Touch (Busted by heRobust
6 ~ Cybernator (Om Unit Remix)
7 ~ Fish Touch (Kidkanevil Remix)
8 ~ Fish Touch (Leonard Dstroy Remix)  FREE DOWNLOAD

Find it on iTunes, Boomkat, Bleep, JunoAmazon and soon in your favourite record shop. Vinyl pre-order available on the Error Broadcast Store.

KMAG tests your Knowledge / 22.01.2011


Error Broadcast teamed up with Knowledge Magazine to give you the chance to win one of two white label vinyl copies of Pixelord's forthcoming EP 'Fish Touch'.
To enter the draw just answer this question: Which of these animals is not a fish?

. Dolphin
B. Halibut
C. Cod

Email your answer to knowledgecompetitions [at] (with 'Pixelord comp' in the subject header) by February 7th to be in with a chance of winning.
...and don't forget to check out KMAG's interview with the LORD himself.

AEED goes giant with FUSElab / 19.01.2011

AEED has been low-key since the release of Error Code back in July, but he's now back in style with a giant tape on the promising russian label FUSElab.
With the decade closing out the swiss beat magician collected all his unreleased beats from the 00's into a single tape named 'Titles' to share all his secret gold with everyone who followed him throught the years. It's the beginning of a new era and we're looking forward to hearing more from the man in the near future.

AEED - Titles (FUSElab)

Flip and Swift dropping mixtapes / 12.01.2011

Flip and Swift from the EB headquarters were asked to deliver exclusive mixes for Russian Gimme5 and UK blog Mint Magazine, respectively. While Flip crafted an elegant mixture of instrumental Hip Hop and manifold steppa styles, Swift takes a deep dive into Ambient and textured beats. Enjoy!

Arousal (a.k.a. Flip) - Gimme5 Issue #030 (direct MP3 download here)
Sven Swift - Jelly Snow mixtape (direct MP3 download here)