Curse of DZA / 31.05.2010

Fresh off the London Red Bull Music Academy Moscow-based beat elevator DZA is about to make a lot of faces fall in 2010. DZA is central to the How2make crew which ties the loose ends of bass music in Moscow, organises parties and pushes Russian talents. He is the networking type with his hands and heads in different projects at the same time.
So is the graphical identity of DZA, so is his music. Quick, dirty and raw. His 16-track beat tape Five-Finger Discount hijacks you into his kinderzimmer wherein sticker-laden efx pedals render homage to the MPC and DZA is lost behind the screen of his macbook. This tape has detailed textures and beats full of minutiae as well as the heavy bangers.

Five-Finger Discount gives you an idea what DZA is capable of.
Take cover, and don’t sleep!

Swede:art - Emotional Colors LP / 22.05.2010

Alpha animal Swede:art will releases his epic full-length "Emotional Colors" via Tokyo Dawn records by the end of June. We were able to check the album and can promise: it sounds delicious!

Swede:art leaves behind the ruffness of his beat tape for a smooth and more decent style of Jazz- and Soul-influenced Hip Hop, including collaborations with Comfort Fit, Pursuit Grooves, Caits Meissner and some more. Watch out for the digital to drop 23.06.2010!!!

Indoor / Outdoor Fest Moscow / 18.05.2010

Supernice little documentation of the How2make : INDOOR / OUTDOOR festival held in Moscow 9/5 this year. Yummy line-up: OL, Miracle Libido, Low Bob and upcoming EB cats Comfort Fit and DZA... Don't sleep on Russia OK?

Swede:art delivers exclusive A-rec mixtape / 12.05.2010

It's all in the family. As part of the post-RBMA series over at Big Up Magazine, Alphabeat cat Swede:art put together a dope tape exclusively featuring his buddy A-rec. More than half of the music is all new so you can take this as an order:


PS: ABC Alphabeat... sounds familiar

Five-Finger business / 10.05.2010

It's been ten months now since we released the classic ABC Alphabeat, one of the dopest beat tape of 2009, and we're (finally) thrilled to announce the second tape on the Error Broadcast series entitled Five-Finger Discount which is gonna drop monday 31st this month.
Entirely produced by DZA, who you already heard on Lucid Freaks pt. 2, this tape will be the first step of one of the most acclaimed russian beatmaker among OL, Lapti and our hero Pixelord. Fresh from the Red Bull Music Academy in London DZA collected these 16 rough beats introducing his post-everything style to the anticipation of big things coming. To get an idea of what you should expect be sure to peek his exclusive mix for RBMA radio and preview these two tracks from Five-Finger Discount.