THEYDIDIT / 29.04.2010

The Shlohmo is tearin' up the scene and you already know that...the news is that he just dropped a filthy ep called My Neck My Back with two new remixes dope as your mom's cookies.

"This is just the start of good things to come in the next few months. Look out for the Shlomoshun Deluxe vinyl release availabe for preorder at Cargo Records. And also a brand new EP! With some previously unheard shit and a few remixes from friends."


Two new releases... getting epic / 13.04.2010

Today we got two (!) new releases for you:
KenLo Craqnuques
with his "Caillox Germés" EP (ebc005) plus
's "Dog Day" EP (ebc006) which is available digitally and on wax.

Hurry to order the B-Ju vinyl single as it is limited to 100 HANDNUMBERED COPIES!! This is our first hardware release, but more are to come very soon. Please spread the word and support the artists by downloading high quality audio @ bandcamp.

ESSENCIAL CRAQS Mix Pre-listen @ 92bpm / 06.04.2010

Check out the pre-view of Sven Swift's "ESSENCIAL CRAQS" mix @ 92bpm.

The tape exclusively features music by KenLo Craqnuques and is supposed to introduce the Montreal-based producer before his debut "CAILLOUX GERMÉS" drops next week. Preaching to the converted? "ESSENCIAL CRAQS" includes unreleased music, too.

"ESSENCIAL CRAQS" will be available for download @ Musique Large these days.

Vote for Comfort Fit / 03.04.2010

The stop-motion video for COMFORT FIT's "Bit by Bit" is nominated for the renowned shortfilm fest Oberhausen. You can help getting it into the competition by voicing your buzz HERE - all they ask for is captcha so DON'T WAIT VOTE!

PS: We just sent out the Comfort Fit 7" single for mastering... expect BIG!