Pixelord remixes - free refill ya'll! / 28.02.2010

Eleven lush remixes of Pixelord's critically acclaimed Lucid Freaks EP by uprising producers from Russia, the US, Austria and the Netherlands. Stuff is tight, for sure.

Info and FREE MP3 D/L after the jump. Hit the art!

Low End Theory podcast ft. Shlohmo / 16.02.2010

 Big news! Good boy Shlohmo has been invited to contribute a mix for LA's Low End Theory club. Please hit the art for MP3 download. No playlist tho...



Fake Skweee? / 15.02.2010

Lucid Freaks remix album is coming strong in a week and today we feature Coco Bryce, one of the hottest producer who joined us for this mission.
Hailing from Breda, south Netherlands, Coco already appeared on Harmönia's compilations (Skweee anyone?) and had a smashing split with mighty Slugabed on MYOR label. His sound is just beyond boundaries, call it Skweee, Wonky...it's just frigging dope and deep as we like it.

Together with the Lowriders Collective we're glad to host one of the three remixes he made out of Pixelord's Quartz Boy...you won't hear this Fake Skweee Mix on the final remix album so you better grab it while it's hot.


Coco Bryce x PixelordError Broadcast x LowRiders

Swede:art presents Analogue Frequencies / 11.02.2010

Yep! We got a new mixtape online. Hit the art.

Red-hot producer Swede:art (as heard on ABC Alphabeat) delivers an edgy mix of contemporary Dubstep, Hip Hop and electronic music. Dashing through the genres like a ragging bull, this is exactly the kind of next level shit one would expect from a RBMA adept! Cop please.

To sell and to purchase / 08.02.2010

As some of you might have noticed, some things changed here @ EB since out last release. While all music is available for free as 192kbit MP3 download, lossless audio is on purchase via bandcamp now. This includes Pixelord, Shlohmo and the ABC beatape (including RBMA adept Swede:art), which is, for the first time, available in losless quality at all. We tried to keep the prices real fair (0.50€ / track).


For the future, there will be free releases and records we are giving away on purchase exclusively. Expect free music by KenLo Craqnuques and a pretty epic Pixelord remix EP very soon. Furthermore, 7" vinyl goodness is on the way, including German producers B-Ju and Comfort Fit, plus the long-delayed AEED vinyl single. The corresponding digital audio will NOT be free. We hope to bankroll the vinyl this way, and gain some extra for the artists. Peace!

Welcome Russia, welcome Pixelord / 01.02.2010

We are glad to welcome a new artist to the fam. Pixelord a.k.a. Alexey Devaynin hails from the frost-bitten streets of Moscow, and he brings forth a mixture of spliffed-out 8bit riddims, stumbling Hip Hop beats and a pinch of Euro Dance glam.

Hit the artwork for immediate & free MP3 download!