Pixelord goes fishing / 28.12.2010

We are starting into 2011 with a new vinyl release. After 7" singles from B-Ju, AEED, and Comfort Fit in 2010, this time we go BIG with a lush 12" single by Russian beat berserker Pixelord with killer artwork by I am Ciara.
His Fish Touch EP features four original bangers plus two remixes by heRobust and Om Unit while UK producer KidKanevil has an exclusive treat with the digital edition.
Check out Om Unit's electro boogie:

Celebrating the season, we are giving away a banging remix of Fish Touch, this time conducted by Leonard Dstroy. Download this goodie and let everybody know.
Fish Touch EP coming worldwide January 24. See you next year!

Discovering iL / 13.12.2010

Hailing from the vast plains of Illinois, USA, we are excited to announce a new addition to the Error Broadcast family: iL.
Not much is known about this young cat besides the record he will release with us in the beat tape series is all about love and despair. Unfortunately, in this very order.

apoLLo1ne3hree, which is the enigmatic name of his tape, consists of 16 tracks at less than 20 minutes. Irrespective of the beat tape format, iL is sketching atmospheres and ambiences rather than beats. His music is adventurous and the opposite of a comfort listen. Random like shooting stars, his beats fly into the black, not following any common metric patterns. Synthesizer textures interfere with twisted vocal samples, once sick, once bitter-sweet and heart-rendering. Dub, Hip Hop, Ambient, Soul – you know about these styles but you have not heard iLs mutant combination. Consider yourself: warned.


Artwork once again by Nate James.

A Fragmented Luminescence Mixtape / 06.12.2010

Anenon is Brian Allen Simon, musician and founder of Non Projects, a forward-thinking music label based out of Los Angeles. The young label's roster includes the likes of Asura, Ana Caravelle, a.d.l.r., and Anenon himself.
A lifetime resident of LA, Brian is fully interested in the ever changing intersection of heart and ability in the fields of music and sound as you can clearly hear from this mix for Error Broadcast.
Neighbours make their appearance (devonwho, Baths, yuk., a.d.l.r.) but there is definitely more than friends’ music on this mix. Brian digs into experimental Jazz and old school Electronica, as well as Ambient and Psychedelic Rock, condensing all elements into 25 minutes of emotive fluxus. We invite you to get lost with the final part of the mix where Brian showcases his latest experimentations in Sax intonation, texture and deep drones. Shallow and depth. Worth the trip!

Artwork by Nate James.

Anenon - A Fragmented Luminescence Mixtape
ERBR Podcast

Vote for Russia + Worldtronics Festival / 02.12.2010

Breaking news: Influential Russian magazine Look at Me nominated Fly Russia and DZA's beat tape Five Finger Discount as best national records in 2010. Despite the fact all the website is Russian, you only need to hit the Facebook "Like" button to vote so we want you to do so immediately. No excuses taken:

Vote for "Fly Russia" (ebc009):

Vote for DZA - "Five-Finger Discount" (ebctp002):

If you are living in Berlin or near, do not miss the 10th Worldtronics Festival this weekend. Friday night (03-12) will have Pixelord, DZA, and Mujuice entering stages. Doors is only 10€, starting 8:00 pm. Fight the snow, be there. ALL INFO HERE