Beat The Beat / 29.10.2010

In 2009 the Italian IDA/ITF federation introduced a new experimental category dedicated to beat conductors, the Beat the Beat, which aim is scouting Italian producers and beat makers. This year Error Broadcast has been deeply involved in the selection process and today we're glad to announce the 5 participants of the contest.
The defending champ 2Phast will clash beats with JohnnyboyDigi G'alessio, A N.I.Q. Joint and Herrera. The winner will fly to the amazing Satta Outside festival next august showing Italy's finest.

We want to say a big "thank you" to all the great musicians who sent material for the selections and we invite everyone to join us November 20 at Locomotiv club in Bologna where IDA ITALY 2010 will take place along with a huge line-up of djs and performers. More info on the facebook event page.

IrRADiating / 23.10.2010

Our Fly Russia compilation experienced massive blog coverage from the very beginning but now it's also mainstream media elaborating on the idea of a Russian beatscene. We have been interviewed for L.A. Weekly newspaper, you can read the article here.
Furthermore, here's a nice (tho cyriallian) article on Moscow's redhot RAD collective - consisting of DZA, OL, Lapti, Miracle Libido and some others that you should be familiar by now. Russia is on the rise, you don't want to deny.

Back in the MIX / 18.10.2010

For the fourth installation of our mixtape series, we are glad to welcome UK producer S.Maharba. The name is notoriously surrounded with fuzzy images of pin-up girls, however not much is known of the person behind this masquerade of 1970’s sex idols. His self titled debut was released in 2008 and turned a lot of heads worldwide, eventually being re-issued on vinyl byOcular Science.

’s tape for EB compiles the most adventurous beat music you can find to date. Dirty L.A. is featured with JujKutmahDurlin Lurt and Leaving Records boss MatthewDavidAEEDichiro_ and OL from our team make another appearance, as well as EB future wunderkind iL. UK stands tall with KatoYoung Montana? and shooting stars Forest Swords. Most tracks are condensed to the very essence, looped and blurred into each other while S.Maharba lavishly embraces everything from Progressive Rock to reverb-laden Ambient: this is what makes this mix one of the best we had in a long, long while.

S.Maharba - Banu Mixtape
EB podcast

Getting random with OL / 12.10.2010

You already know what it is. OLs EP "Random Phrase" is available for purchase since two weeks now, and eventually we are enabling the FREE DOWNLOAD. "Seven tracks of electrically fused and spatially rendered instrumentals, giving his rhythms dreamy ambient spaces to sluggishly do their thang", as Boomkat puts it. Go cop the shit 'cause it's hot, if you are interested to hear our recommendation.