Portformat about to debut / 31.10.2009


Portformat aka Ibrahima M’Bodji is a highly acclaimed Senegalese experimental hip-hop producer currently living in Germany.

Deeply dedicated to music since his first days, Portformat is completely devoted to electronic music production. He’s currently catching the attention of a constantly growing number of listeners and DJs around the world, chances are good you’ll be the next one getting addicted to his hypnotic grooves.

"The Repeat Factor" will drop early in December 2009. The LP will feature the likes of Shuanise, Suzi Analogue of Klipmode, Thesaurus Rex, Dudley Perkins and many more.

http://tokyodawn.net | http://myspace.com/portformat

Swede:art takes off / 29.10.2009

Swede:art by Alice Dufay
                                                                                                              by Alice Dufay

As you probably read on this pages, EB cat Swede:art will join RBMA 2010, but that's not the only news regarding the bwoy from Passau. He's been featured on 92bpm with an interview focused on the RBMA call and his smasher Wonkycarz has been played by crunk-house legends Crookers on their latest mix. Funny isn't it?

Two days ago he also released a massive mix for Nutriot with an interview where he announced his new album on Tokyo Dawn Records.

"I think you can expect some jazzy and electronical beat goodness together with my man Duktus from Soulbasta. It’s a collaborative LP, if you want, running under a new-fledged project-name featuring the finest sort of singers, producers and MCs, it’s gonna be great! Watch out for this one, it’ll be out in early 2010."

Expect big!

Era Broadcast up on Twitter now / 19.10.2009

You can follow us @ twitter.com/errorbroadcast - come on birdie! Beep beep.

While the SHLOHMO EP is doing extraordinary well, most stricking news is that EB cats SWEDE:ART and AD BOURKE made it for the RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY 2010 in London. Congratulations kids!

Meanwhile, our three VINYL RELEASES are on a good way. Things keep delaying however so that a release of the 7" singles of AEED, B-JU and COMFORT FIT is realistically speaking not due before early 2010. Remixes pouring in, be sure not to sleep on these guys.

Shlohmo lands on earth / 15.10.2009


We welcome kid Shlohmo with his long-awaited Shlo-Fi EP for release at Error Broadcast. His instant-classic Shlomoshun EP made faces fall earlier this year but this one will boost the cat to a whole new level.

Go and GET IT!

Railster delivery / 02.10.2009

Italian producer Railster is artist of the month on GrungeCake Magazine and for the occasion he delivered a sweet mixtape featuring EB cats Swede:art and AEED.
You just can't miss it...

Railster Grungecakemag Podcast

Railster - intro GCC podcast
SirOJ - Beat 08
Flyamsam - Don't like the screw
Exile - Extra funk
KenLo - Mush
Samiyam & M.O.P. - Untitled
Onra - Beef
Swede:art - Wonkycarz
Samiyam - Asthma 1
Computer Jay - Zoom
Aeed - Elektricity
Phroh Mic - 2000 Won
fLako - Inside
Railster - Moondog refix 2
Mark Pritchard, Om'Mas Keith - Wind It Up
Railster - Womanizer re-edit
Kappah - Dritta storta
Railster - Dierasmus Live Refix
Bullion - Get Familiar
Unknow - Outro