Shlohmo invited for XLR8R podcast / 25.12.2009

Our man Shlohmo gives out an excellent mix for the XLR8R pocast series.

"(...) Now splitting time between San Francisco and LA, in January Shlohmo will be releasing the Shlohmoshun Deluxe mini-album, so we decided to enlist him for the XLR8R podcast series now, before dude seriously blows up. On this exclusive, hour-long mix, he puts together a sampling of his own productions with a litany of unreleased and limited-release tunes, many courtesy of his compatriots in the Wedidit collective, which Shlohmo co-founded in 2008 while still a senior in high school. (...)"

HIGHLY recommended! Hit this link to stream and download his mix:

Comfort Fit Remix Album / 25.12.2009

Shit doesn't need much words... peek the remixers!!!

  1. Next Incarnation feat. Caits Meissner (Boom Clap Bachelors remix) 3.10 min
  2. Seen Not Heard feat. NOTE (Jay Scarlett remix) 4.02 min
  3. Yer Daddy feat. Wallis Bird (Domu remix) 5.11 min
  4. Peter Pan (Portformat remix) 2.12 min
  5. Exabyte (Singing Statues remix) 3.39 min
  6. Exabyte (fLako remix) 3.14 min
  7. Fired up! feat. Blaktroniks (Opolopo remix) 4.27 min
  8. Ask The Devil feat. Howard Marks (Atjazz Deeper remix) 5.34 min
  9. Seen not heard feat. NOTE (Tim Turbo remix) 5.16 min
  10. Wicked Game (Swede:art remix) 6.46 min
  11. Fired up! feat. Blaktroniks (Robot Koch remix) 3.30 min
  12. Superposition (Comfort Fit remix) 7.43 min
  13. Snare Wars (Jacob Korn remix) 5.57 min
  14. Ask The Devil feat. Howard Marks (Laurent Garnier remix) 11.24 min

MP3 purchase and detailed info:



Behind closed doors... / 23.11.2009


The vinyl 7" singles of AEED and B-Ju are nearly done - don't sleep on these limited plastic goodies. The follow-up EP of "Polyshufflez" LP by Comfort Fit will drop later in 2010...

Remixes will feature 1000names, AD Bourke, fLΔko and Herrmutt Lobby PLUS some family edits. We are not promising too much when we promise BIG! :)

You'll preview some of this goodness on the forthcoming Flip's mixtape which will be out soon on Monday Jazz under his Dj monicker Arousal!

We are re-structuring and re-designing our website - with release of our first vinyl discs, we start selling MP3 and FLAC. However, free releases are planed as usual and big names coming your way.

Follow EB on Twitter, check our Myspace and Facebook or sign-up for the newsletter.

Talk soon,
Flip & Swift

All eyes on them / 13.11.2009

EB cats are getting some serious attention by media from all around the world.

Last week AEED's Velvet night was played by mr. Gilles Peterson during his legendary show on BBC1. If you're not familiar with our swiss beat juggler you better look back into our catalogue and check out that sparkling gem called Synesthesia.

On the other side of the planet the XLR8R magazine featured our man Shlohmo and his super-dope remix for Robot can download it for free!

The frenetic dubstep of Robot Koch gets the remix treatment from a mysterious young buck from Los Angeles. Taking the original from Koch's forthcoming album, Death Star Droid, Shlohmo slows its breakneck pace, creating a piece where the sampled Angolan vocal stems are still evident, but put to a dark, low-slung bass slice.

...get ready for Shlohmo's mini album scheduled on Friends of Friends,'s gonna be huge.


Portformat about to debut / 31.10.2009


Portformat aka Ibrahima M’Bodji is a highly acclaimed Senegalese experimental hip-hop producer currently living in Germany.

Deeply dedicated to music since his first days, Portformat is completely devoted to electronic music production. He’s currently catching the attention of a constantly growing number of listeners and DJs around the world, chances are good you’ll be the next one getting addicted to his hypnotic grooves.

"The Repeat Factor" will drop early in December 2009. The LP will feature the likes of Shuanise, Suzi Analogue of Klipmode, Thesaurus Rex, Dudley Perkins and many more. |

Swede:art takes off / 29.10.2009

Swede:art by Alice Dufay
                                                                                                              by Alice Dufay

As you probably read on this pages, EB cat Swede:art will join RBMA 2010, but that's not the only news regarding the bwoy from Passau. He's been featured on 92bpm with an interview focused on the RBMA call and his smasher Wonkycarz has been played by crunk-house legends Crookers on their latest mix. Funny isn't it?

Two days ago he also released a massive mix for Nutriot with an interview where he announced his new album on Tokyo Dawn Records.

"I think you can expect some jazzy and electronical beat goodness together with my man Duktus from Soulbasta. It’s a collaborative LP, if you want, running under a new-fledged project-name featuring the finest sort of singers, producers and MCs, it’s gonna be great! Watch out for this one, it’ll be out in early 2010."

Expect big!

Era Broadcast up on Twitter now / 19.10.2009

You can follow us @ - come on birdie! Beep beep.

While the SHLOHMO EP is doing extraordinary well, most stricking news is that EB cats SWEDE:ART and AD BOURKE made it for the RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY 2010 in London. Congratulations kids!

Meanwhile, our three VINYL RELEASES are on a good way. Things keep delaying however so that a release of the 7" singles of AEED, B-JU and COMFORT FIT is realistically speaking not due before early 2010. Remixes pouring in, be sure not to sleep on these guys.

Shlohmo lands on earth / 15.10.2009


We welcome kid Shlohmo with his long-awaited Shlo-Fi EP for release at Error Broadcast. His instant-classic Shlomoshun EP made faces fall earlier this year but this one will boost the cat to a whole new level.

Go and GET IT!

Railster delivery / 02.10.2009

Italian producer Railster is artist of the month on GrungeCake Magazine and for the occasion he delivered a sweet mixtape featuring EB cats Swede:art and AEED.
You just can't miss it...

Railster Grungecakemag Podcast

Railster - intro GCC podcast
SirOJ - Beat 08
Flyamsam - Don't like the screw
Exile - Extra funk
KenLo - Mush
Samiyam & M.O.P. - Untitled
Onra - Beef
Swede:art - Wonkycarz
Samiyam - Asthma 1
Computer Jay - Zoom
Aeed - Elektricity
Phroh Mic - 2000 Won
fLako - Inside
Railster - Moondog refix 2
Mark Pritchard, Om'Mas Keith - Wind It Up
Railster - Womanizer re-edit
Kappah - Dritta storta
Railster - Dierasmus Live Refix
Bullion - Get Familiar
Unknow - Outro


Flip & Swift DJ Berlin Netaudio Fest / 30.09.2009

For the first time, the Error Broadcast Soundsystem will hit stages with both Flip and Swift behind the wheels of silica – usually loners, Flip plays different venues in Modena and its surroundings, while Swift has been spotted in clubs from Düsseldorf to Cologne. Loaded with the most heavy shit the Rap underground spat out, you can expect a bass-heavy maelstrom of experimental Hip Hop, unwashed Dubstep and skew-whiff Wonky music.

11.10.2009 Club Maria, Berlin, Germany

Lambent debuts at Project Mooncircle / 23.09.2009

"Smoothness Extract (Deep Night At Ishigaki) is Lambent's third full-length album, and his first on the Project Mooncircle label. Whilst his earlier work was rooted in Ambient and Electronic music, this record presents his sound in the context of Instrumental Hip Hop, with strong elements of Electronic music still present. You could group this record with the recent wave of Dilla-inspired Hip Hop, but equally you could group it with Autechre when they’re at 90 BPM."

Sounds good, no? Purchase heads: LP | CD | iTunes

Project Mooncircle
x Lambent

Boom! ABC Beat Tape drops 09-09-09 / 09.09.2009


Everything you need to know is here. Drop a comment and spread the word!

EBC Beat Tapes... 09.09.2009 / 03.09.2009


Next Wednesday, 09.09.2009, we will release the beat tape of three German producers, namely Swede:art, A-rec and fella Fuer.steps. Our Myspace has three tune online already...

Hip Hop, Dubstep, Wonky beats: ABC Alphabeat will hit you HARD!



Ichiro_ at Monday Jazz / 26.08.2009

Ichiro_ - "Excuse me, I'm not a DJ"

Here's the liner notes:

Excuse me, I’m not a DJ with the modestly drawn down eyes apologizes this weeks hero Japanese producer Ichiro_ a.k.a. Nerima Experiment and as a compensation delivers a mix of his own creation.

Actually he might be apologizing in vain, because general flow of the compilation is fluent enough. Namesake of his countryman baseball whiz kid instead of bat uses beats to reach his goals. Despite the fact, that almost all weapons of the compilation are calibrated exclusively by the author himself, they are not all same sounding, though they have hardly describable connecting lead. Into one bunch are being thrown a bit tough strokes, melancholic levitation, Far Eastern spices, sounds leading to the dark side of the moon and sun lit fragments. Result of this collision – feeling that you are lost in the dark forest or crowded city (depending on listener’s geographical orientation).

MP3 download

EB cats featured on different mixtapes / 23.08.2009


Joscha Creutzfeldt features Comfort Fit on his brand new "Brrappness" mixtape.

Download and support via Kwatro collective. Dopeness!


Joscha Creutzfeldt "Brrappness" (Kwatro)


Comfort Fit - Fuh Real (feat. Dyno & Naboobia)
1000Names - He`s Just Who!
Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex - Vortex Cookies (Lazer Sword Rmx)
Johnny Faith - Azeemo
fLako X Suff - Purple feat. Amenta
Jungle Drums - Walk feat. Ahu (Mwëslee nel giardino dell'cosmos Rmx)
Burial & Four Tet - Wolf Cub
Floating Points - Truly
Berghem - 090309#1.2
Made In Japan - City At Night
Bullion - Time For Us All To Love
Fulgeance - Ann Arbor
Lando Kal - Exotic Jesus
fLako - 514 (Rough Take) feat. Cerebral Vortex
Milton Wright - Keep It Up



Just on: a guest mix by Front2Blaq for Amsterdam's

You can find Benny B. Blonco with his notorious "Sign of the Times" featured.


Front2Blaq "Featuremysoul" (Moovment x Apple Juice Break)

Knxwledge – Scotch Tape
Mindesign – Empty Ship
Suzi Analogue – StatQuo (prod. Devonwho)
Devonwho – portsalut
Elaquent – Mystery
Air – Everybody Hertz – Don’t Be Light (Neptunes Remix)
Pudge – Roller slaps
Fitzambro$e – cakeville
Professor Ojo – Focus
Maverick & Oliverdaysoul – Saysomethin
Pudge – blip to my threw
Funkenteller  - Nintendo
GB interprets Little Dragon – after the rain
Clonious – Emora
Harrison Blakoldman – Dream
EC/DC – hypertension
Heralds Of Change – Trip Fall feat Oddisee, Unknown & Trek Life
Benny B. Blonco – Sign Of the Times
Jay Scarlett – Reasonable doubt
Quadron – Come You Can Go
Boom Clap Bachelors – hvor vi henne

Comfort Fit drops "Polyshufflez" LP / 17.08.2009


EB cat Comfort Fit releases his majestic full-length "Polyshufflez" via his homebase Tokyo Dawn records. It's available for download now, but a limited CD edition will be online for purchase very soon! Head over, listen and support.

SYNESTHESIA online NOW!!! / 07.08.2009

Synesthesia is the long-awaited debut EP by Swiss producer Aid Copelj a.k.a. AEED. Cats have been waiting for this one...


Announcing SYNESTHESIA / 29.07.2009


AEED debut EP, Synesthesia, will see the light next friday (07.08.09) on this space and will be available for free download with amazing artwork by our friend 96.

Feel privileged!

Prelisten upcoming Lambent album / 20.07.2009



Here is a snippet that give you an impression what "Smoothness Extract" will sound like!


New music: Kauders & Portformat / 30.06.2009

Both albums are online for free download...


Kauders hooked up with Israeli Netlabel Bird Song and releases his long-planned new solo album "Brian Invited June". Experimental Guitar music, semi-electronic Avant-garde Pop... way hard to put a label on. Challenging and brilliant. Hit the artwork!




Portformat, friends with Comfort Fit and part of the Tokyo Dawn collective, deceided to put online a compilation of old favourites and classic tunes. Nice and mellow Hip Hop tunes, arranged with taste. Hit the artwork to download via sendspace...


Exclusive Sven Swift Mixtape / 22.06.2009

Sven Swift - "Breakers" exclusive mixtape

News from the extended network / 19.06.2009

While EB heads AEED, B-Ju and Comfort Fit keep recording the collective grows...


Watch out for this gems:




Purchase ichiro's debut 12" "Nerima Experiment", it's ace.




New fLako EP feat. US songstress Noir via Kwatro... soulful & for free.




Bulgarian heads 1000names publish a beat tape via Wow!

Art by French kid 96, watch this guy.


Stay tuned for more news very soon! Best.

EBC over Cologne / 01.06.2009

Cologne Commons - Konferenz und Festival für freie Musikkultur

Cologne will see the first COLOGNE COMMONS festival from 12th to 13th of June. Make sure to drop by as COMFORT FIT will hit stages and Sven Swift a.k.a. SUN RAW will spin some hottish rap tunes. Here's all the details.

Warming up, SUN is hooking up with MO. of Phlow Magazine to play the PLATTENSPORT show of Cologne campus radio this Saturday night. Tune in if you dare, but we're going to spread the show afterwards anyway.


B-Ju x YUKSEK - He's a winner... / 28.05.2009

Kid B-Ju has won a little remix contest on French electropop shooting star YUKSEK... congratulations! Check his mix on

Powerstrip Circus feat. Great Mundane / 27.05.2009


Some hot joints on there! Make sure to check out Robot Koch, Slouch, The Great Mundane, Pursuit Grooves and the man Caural... Free Download, hell yeah.


Body Language - Work This City
Skizofonics - Breakfree
Robot Koch - Killa (Koch vs Addiquit)
Slouch - Bucky Done Gun (Remix)
The Great Mundane - Unicorns Have Feelings Too
Pursuit Grooves - Nasty Gurl
Caural - Sugar Cane Girlfriend
Tom Phonic - Skizzer
KiEnRa - Golden Child
KRTS - Doran Penny Roller
Melo-X - Google Alerts (Nite-n-Day Melo-eclipse)
City Rain - This I Will Remember (Aligning Minds / Mussck Remix)
Hand in Hand - Island Eyes
Outlets - Airplanes

Cologne Commons Compilation 02 / 18.05.2009


The tracklist includes a new tune by COMFORT FIT. Breaks ya neck, again!


More info on "Cologne Commons 02" here, for direct download hit this link.

(costa) at Dissonanze Festival / 07.05.2009


Tomorrow, friday 8th june, our man (costa) will join AD Bourke for a special live-set as the opening act of the Terrazza stage at Dissonanze Festival, the italian biggest festival for electronic music.
The Terrazza line-up is pure fire; Flying Lotus, Samiyam, The Gaslamp Killer, Daddy Kev and other words the best from the west-coast wave. Other heavyweights like Moderat, Signal, Byetone and Kenny Larkin will play during the night.
Flip will be there supporting and broadcasting the error...see you there heads!


fLako beat tape for free download / 05.04.2009

fLako from the Up My Alley collective is part of the extented EB network. Check his super tight beat tape: The First Space Shit On The Moon


Homework presents "Lavori Domestici" / 31.03.2009

Here's the linernotes...

>>> After one year from the first “Lavori Domestici” unexpected success, both from the audience (12.000 downloads!) and from the critics (very positive reviews on The Wire, Rockerilla, Sentireascoltare, Musicaoltranza, Musicboom), the Italian Netlabel goes on purposing its roster’s best artists, previewing future releases, collaborations and friendships.

As in last year’s edition, Homework Records keeps far from concentrating on a specific genre or mood: Lavori Domestici 2 tries to create a trip through most of electronic music sides, winking both to people’s iPods and dancefloor addicted. <<<

DEAD is BACK / 26.03.2009

The sixth volume of DEAD magazine is accompanied by a eight track exclusive compilation.

You can download PDF and MP3 for free but if you buy the print edition, you get a Nomar Slevik 7" for free! No matter if you speak German or don't care about the mag at all...

(Our man Sven Swift is a write for DEAD- this is why you can read about it here...)

EBC featured in Paul Pre mix / 22.03.2009

Mixtape Download via


01. Dorian Concept - Fort Teen
02. Exile - Your Summer Song
03. Floating Points - For You
04. Slumgullion - Disko Bowler
05. Devon - Houston
06. 14KT - Tick Tock Hustle
07. Débruit - Pointy
08. Harmonic 313 - The Returners
09. AD Bourke - Queen Beez
10. Jr EakEe - Club sandwich
11. Anemonen Entertainment - Soul Ane
12. CHIEf - Pump
13. 00Genesis - Cheddar Puff Dreams
14. Mr. Beatnick feat. Ahu - I Know All The Bitches (Bullion Remix)
15. Dr. Who Dat? - Ghetto dreaming
16. SA-RA Creative Partners - Master Teazer (Ken's Revenge Edit)
17. Suzi Analogue - Hey Relax
18. !NSiDE - orb-15
19. Brenk - Ole Woam (Iawiszas)
20. KiEnRa - Golden Child
21. Byron & Onra - The Return
22. Elaquent - Tip Toes
23. Slumgullion - Springers
24. Flying Lotus - RobertaFlack (Featuring Dolly)
25. Afta1 Feat. Kreme - Six
26. Comfort Fit - Rock da Dam (feat. Portformat)
27. Kazi - You Wanna Take this (fLako Remix)

"Silent in Truth" featuring Lambent / 11.03.2009

"This is the sound of Project Mooncircle for 2009. Speak with your mind, think with your soul & change with your heart! We aim to stop the destructive elements of the music business and bring music back to the people."

Check Lambent's hot stepper "Wow Wow Thing"!

V.A. - "Silent in Truth" on CD & LP

Equinox Jaw Modulation Mix by B-Ju / 05.03.2009

Jaw Modulation Radio features a 30-minutes mix of DJ B-Ju, the man notorious for this hard-knock smash hit "Philly Run". B-Ju throws in tracks from the Berlin-based Equinox recordlabel, part classics, part unreleased and underestimated.

Download MP3 in a zip including playlist

The Great Mundane: The Wires EP / 01.03.2009

The Wires Remix EP

Four tracks, two American Rap music knob tweakers... Free download! C'mon


Sven Swift over Düsseldorf / 22.02.2009

Netlabel Nights Flyer

Once again, Swift teamed up with mo. of Phlow Magazine to bring Error beats on the dancefloor. They are acompanied by DJs psychoed and

This event is the opening show of the Netlable Nights series at the cosy Pretty Vacant club in the Old Town of Düsseldorf, Germany. Doors open at 10pm. Drop by and say hello!

The Error Broadcast Sessions / 18.02.2009

As you may know one of the two E-B headquarters is located in Modena, in the north of Italy. Buscapè is one of the coolest clubs in the city which will host Error Broadcast sessions twice a month from now on.
On the first and third wednesday of each month Arousal, aka Flip, will spin some of the freshest beats around, as well as exclusive tunes directly from the E-B collective.

Today, Wednesday18th, we will begin our residency with the presentation of "Bag of Nothingness" to let people know what the label is about. Then, on march 18th, our mates Apes on Tapes will take control of the console, pushing their live-set of futuristic hip hop to the next level.
Watch this space for more news about Error Broadcast Sessions, and if you're around Modena come to Buscapè, chill out, and enjoy tomorrow's vibe with the Error Broadcast crew.

February 18th / "Bag of Nothingness" presentation
March 4th / Arousal dj set
March 18th / Apes on Tapes live set

For more info, write directly to the Italian HQ

Error Broadcast Officially Launched. / 18.02.2009

The buzz starts with "Bag of Nothingness", a compilation introducing 17 hot artists to the Error Broadcast Collective. It's on for free, so there's no excuse for you NOT to download the high quality MP3 or even FLAC files. Go tell it on the mountains.

Error Broadcast Online Beta 0.1 / 11.02.2009

We achieved to go online after all! Thing will be put straight in the next few days... stay tuned.