Benny B. Blonco / Random Knocks





All music by Benny B. Blonco composed between 2008 and 2010
Artwork by Sven Swift
Special thanks to Elaquent, Mr. Dibiase and everyone who helped us in this project

Error Broadcast Collective
Some Rights Reserved
CC BY-NC 3.0


"You’d naturally want to hear more after he destroyed your senses. No one has seen or heard from the guy in three years, though. I think the Black Illuminati nabbed him in a cell for being too nice and let Ron Browz loose on us."

The Smoking Section

"Since the team at Error Broadcast sent over this compilation last week, I haven’t had the ability to turn it off. Random Knocks is simply that damn good, that damn addictive, that damn massive that it’s emanated from my speakers and shook my apartment more than I would care to admit."

Potholes In My Blog

"I remember a track by this man… then again I don’t remember the name and I’ve been searching for it all day…all I know is that it was stupid dope!"


"Still holding out some hope that he one day returns, if not, im glad we can still celebrate his music."


"Seriously, if you’re not listening to this at full volume or on some good headphones, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. You’ll understand once you hit play"

Potholes In My Blog

"Benny specializes in rough, electronic 8bit beats and is one to watch!"


Some guys never made it. We had big hope for this one in particular, big plans, back in 2008. Benny B. Blonco, legendary Myspace producer, one of the first with Mr. Dibiase and Elaquent to flip 8bit samples and turn them into hard-knocking hip hop instrumentals. Beatscene wunderkind. In 2010, the lad disapeared without a trace and all he left behind was a single tune and a remix he conducted for German producer B-Ju.

Fast forward three years later cats still want to know about Benny. Truth is: we have no idea where he’s gone or what he’s up to. But we kept his beats safe. And eventually decided to share his music with the world. Random Knocks is a selection of Benny’s finest beats and tracks, the unauthorized legacy of a ghost producer, carefully refurbished and cut to fit. The tape is available on free download so please spread the word...and maybe Benny gets to know about it as well, somewhere, somehow.