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All music by Taprikk Sweezee & remixing artists
Artwork by Ugly Stupid Honest
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"A wonderfully wonky, spaced out gem that will have you breaking your mothertrucking neck before relaxing you out. Word to that Smoooth Music."

Yes Yes Y'all

"This is a very coherent release, held together by the sheer power of Taprikks vocal, and the individual skills of the remixers. Excellent release."

Lowriders Collective

"In between plenty of nods to dubstep, James Blake and odd-club sounds there’s just enough of Sweezees original tunes in there to give the album a rare sense of coherence and vigour. You might not have heard of many of the contributors, but the quality is high and finds the tracks swaying to the hiccupping end of the Brainfeeder/Fly Lo scene we all love right now."


Taprikk Sweezee is a producer and vocalist living in Hamburg, Germany. He worked with the likes of Michael Fakesch and Andi Thoma and released on !K7, First Word Records, Pudel Produkte, and more. He runs Zoikmusic. With ‘Repolyx’ you can find the four original tunes of his recent Poly EP (2011, Musik aus Strom) re-modelled by artists from the immediate and extended EB family.

Montgomery Clunk delivers a vocal-driven power ball flip of ‘Eating at the Void’ while Skyence transforms the track into a soulful piano ballad. The version of Jameszoo is a sensible stomper of indefinable genre. Moscow’s finest Pixelord makes ‘Newend’ an UK Funky affair and Monolithium re-frames the later with a monstrous shuffle backend. Check out Digi G’Alessio with a killer club take on ‘Volt’ as well as the wistful Rave cut of this very tune by kidkanevil.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Mercury (E.A.R.L. Minamata Remix)