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All music by DZA & remixing artists as indicated
Artwork by Sven Swift
Digital distribution by Alpha Pup

Error Broadcast Collective
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"We live in interesting times that push creative people to prove that selling music isn’t dead and trying to find new interesting ways to do so. A prime exemple of this comes from one of my favorite label."

Music Is My Sanctuary

"Five-Finger Discount was definitely one of my favorite tapes of 2010 (...), and it’s still in heavy rotation in my collection to this day. Now with the release of the Five-Finger Remixes album, new and old fans of the tape can enjoy the dopeness of the tape with a fresh perspective."


"DZA has been remixed by some of the most prominent names in the beat culture such as Pixelord, AEED, Krampfhaft and several others that would have have my regular readers saying 'Is that even a name or did someone just step on the keyboard?'"

FWMJ's Producers I Know

"At this point, with a host of Russian and Eastern European producers having solidified their place in the beat scene, to overlook Error Broadcast‘s contribution to this new breed of experimental hip-hop would be to omit a roster of talent that rivals any to be found in Los Angeles."

Squeegie Sounds

"As far as the cassette world goes, consider this release absolute top-shelf material."

OMG Vinyl

"I’ve been lucky enough to have had this run through my speakers for the past couple weeks and as always when EB are involved, the results are incredible."

You'll Soon Know

"Somewhat reminiscent of Chris Clark's earlier Warp days, Montgomery Clunk manages to deftly take "Eskimo" from aggressive beat to electro-acoustic mind warp and back a few times over the song's less than three minutes."


"Error Broadcast brings excellent news today – the leader of “Fly Russia” movement DZA is releasing a super limited (…) cassette tape!"

Big Up Magazine

"Kung-fu Treachery on the beats!"

Yes Yes Y'all

"20 artists from all around the world with their own unique interpretations and twists will surely satisfy your wants for freshness."



ebc014 - Zoo Keeper ebctp002 - Five-Finger Discount

DZA DZA DZA! We are excited to host this 19-tracks compilation of remixes an international team of producers crafted from the gravel pit that is 'Five-Finger Discount'.

DZA is a super-versatile beat maker from Moscow, RBMA graduate, Pitchfork coverboy, and alongside fellow Pixelord head to the 'Fly Russia' movement. He made his debut to the world in 2010 when EB released his beat tape 'Five-Finger Discount'. Shortly after, DZA asked friends to remix single tracks off his tape.

The results are now bundled into epic 60 minutes of 'Five-Finger Remixes' available all digital and as a lush white music cassette of only 100 copies. The tape comes with an exclusive sticker, full audio download and a special discount (see below).

 'Eskimo (Montgomery Clunk Remix)' featured at XLR8R
'Flogram (Pixelord Remix)' featured at Big Up Magazine
Cassette raffle and article at GIMME5
Feature article at Far From Moscow

01 - Dabl Trabl (Mujuice Triple Trouble)
02 - Flogram (Rbe Remix)
03 - Softgram (ichiro_ Katte Re-edit)
04 - Eskimo (Montgomery Clunk Remix)
05 - Flogram (Dynooo's Crakkk Remix)
06 - Softgram (Krampfhaft Remix)
07 - Shifty (Miracle Libido Remix)
08 - Flogram (Pixelord Remix)
09 - Downtown Honeymoon (Miqi O. Bestown Downtown Remix)
10 - Shifty (NiRE Remix)

01 - Eskimo (Demokracy Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD
02 - Downtown Honeymoon (AEED Remix)
03 - Softgram (Appleyard Soft Remix)
04 - Hey Rake! (Rbe Remix)
05 - Softgram (Planet Soap Remix)
06 - Softgram (BUSTED by heRobust)
07 - Shifty (Homeless Inc. Remix)
08 - Hey Rake! (Vaiper Despotin Dead End Refunk)
09 - Softgram (Kid sW!Ng Remix)

Tracks 1 - 6 are included in the STANDARD VERSION free download