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Compilation & Mix: ages
Artwork: Michael Lundy

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ages is young Michael Lundy of Orange County, California. We first got into his music when he released the 'failures' EP on bandcamp.
In 2012, ages debuted with the full-length 'Bryan' for LAs' Alpha Pup. Lundy blends ambient and obscure pop music with leftfield hip hop beats and spacious synth textures; a mixture you can find with his tape 'Stumblebum Motivation' as well.

And its quite a trip. Starting with an unreleased ages remix of Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Lundy drops the exclusive ages vs. Citymouth collaboration 'Michael Bownzon' for maximum effect.
He carefully tunes the atmosphere towards washed-out and reverb-laden and sun-dried pop, culminating in the fake-80s synth gloss of Contact Lenses. From here, Lundy moves deeper into dance terrain. Intriguing to hear how well 90s R&B, acid house, juke, and trap go together. Dreams mixes perfectly with devonwho, and Lundy sails into downtempo waters again. We get to hear another two exclusives (ahnnu and ages) before Broken Social Scenes' 'Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl' perfectly sets stages for the unreleased 'Edie Drone' by matthewdavid. God bless you.




01. Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Sun Silhouettes (ages Remix)
02. ages - Michael Bownzon feat. Citymouth
03. Mystery Cave - Glass Eye
04. ages- Esplanade feat. Mndsgn X Uz - TRAP SHIT V7
05. Iman Omari - Gia's Mood
06. Beach House - Gila
07. Contact Lens - Veins Real Cold X Nice Things
08. Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Good To Go
09. DJ Rashad - Ghettotekzedit '10
10. Cajmere - Percolator (Coffee Pot Mix)
11. DJ Rashad - Ghetto Tek Muzik
12. Dreams - Bob Ya Head
13. devonwho - reds/blues
14. Denzel Aquarius'Killa Curry - Blvcklvnd Goddess
15. ahnnu - smoker
16. ages - This Is Crazy
17. Broken Social Scene - Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl
18. matthewdavid - Edie Drone