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All music by 96wrld
'Private Language' by 96wrld and Markas Palubenka
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi
Artwork by Laimonas Zakas
Special thanks to Fred Barbein

Error Broadcast Collective
All Rights Reserved

Distributed by Alpha Pup / Kudos Records


"Dall’estasi sonora fino ai beat più duri senza battere ciglio, senza sentirsi spaesati"

Dance Like Shaquille O'Neal

"Overall, ‘Private Language’ is a proof that electronic music has come a long way in the Baltics. The sound that 96wrld has developed is unmatched by anyone here or abroad, the obvious matches being only Jameszoo, who has been very active lately, but who relies more on his psychotic vocals than the sounds. Even more importantly – Skalskis is already moving away towards new inspirations, and claims this is a past episode, while to the listeners it is still fresh and new."

The Baltic Scene

"His debut physical product is a kinetic, elaborate amalgam combining the freakiness of Jameszoo with a songwriting sensibility akin to Rudi Zygadlo and the fruity funk of Dorian Concept, meshing double-dipped 808s with darting melodic figures and sheer, crisp electronics in eight parts."


"Running at a house tempo, it's a complete fucking oddball, driven by spoken “wow”-like samples as percussion, insanely high pitched drops and clattering drum lines."

Sonic Router

"The overall tone of Private Language is one of multiple layers that can change in direction at any given moment. This exciting approach to trap/wonky is accentuated in the precise and warm attention 96wrld shows in all hits and synths, with each sound tailored warmly to draw and comfort rather than to jar to senses as other trap tends to do to me at times."

Cyclic Defrost

"Listeners are likely to have a few what-the-fuck-just-happened kind of moments—and this, it turns out, is a good thing."


is young Miša Skalskis. Ever since 2011, the Lithuanian producer had a couple of singles with Monday Jazz and Renegades of Bump that introduced him to fans of playful, neon-coloured electronica and bass-heavy beat music. In 2013, 96wrld finally debuts with a collection of eight tunes that showcase his potential as a producer and songwriter.

On ‘Private Language’, Skalskis embraces different composition styles, typically in a single tune. His arrangements are complex and give away all detail only on repeated listen. However, tracks like ‘Slave’, ‘Eschatology’, or ‘Satta’ can put any club to pieces easily.
96wrld infuses just the right amount of melody and carefully balances acid-tinged synth bells, chopped vocals, and the obvious snare rolls. The title track features vocals of Markus Palubenka and is a prime example that Skalskis’ production works in a more pop-oriented context as well. ‘Private Language’ is perfect with an euphoric remix by Moscow’s DZA that clocks over six minutes and feels like 3:33.

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 'Eschatology' first listen on Sonic Router

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