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All music by OL
Makemefeel by
OL and Lapti
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi
Artwork by

Error Broadcast Collective
All Rights Reserved

Distributed by Alpha Pup/ Kudos Records


"Arguably OL's most in-depth body of work yet"

Resident Advisor

"An extravagant agenda of footwork injected head gaging bass tinglers."

That's Deck

"OL’s smoothest trick is to channel the surface shimmer of Chicago footwork and pepper it in so lightly that you barely even hear it’s there. Fans of TNGHT or even recent 4AD breakouts Purity Ring might wanna take a closer look."


"OL experiments with footwork and trap-like drum rhythms elegantly arranged, creating an incredible collection of bass music."

The Melt

"OL shows that he has an understanding of the classic Chicago origins of footwork, while at the same time establishing himself firmly in both post-Dilla and post-Luger modes of production."

Live For The Funk

"OL (...) is carving a place for himself somewhere between instrumental hip-hop and scary, sexy bass music"


"Shimmering synths and hyperactive 2-step rhythms."

Keep On Repeat

"An absolute powerful piece of music, where OL turns out most of other producer’s vulgarity into a sensitive and surprising bass affair. "

So What? Di Khrap!

"(OLs) fresh material is inspired by patterns of metamorphosis, albeit on a downwards trajectory."

Far From Moscow

"Pretty nice combination of footwork rhythms and juke vocal samples."

The Needle Drop

"Angsty Wu edits that have been chopped up hard, dubby drops and rises, plus this sexy, underlying build (...) I have a thing for tracks that take their time before they finally pop off. OL gettin’ it done."

The New Black

"Venture into new musical territories, namely the uncharted territories between garage and footwork."


"The Moscow-based producer draws up glossy synths and crisp percussion to craft ballistically-equipped sci-fi-hovercraft of a bass tunes."

Live For The Funk

"Combination (is) a moody, high energy juke joint that utilizes a classic Raekwon vocal sample while surrounded by complex percussion and stabbing synths."

Keep On Repeat


ebcmx009 - Arabic Gum Mixtape ebc010 - Random Phrase

Russia proved to be excellent breeding ground for electronic music in recent years. Central figures of the beat scene publish on well-respected, international record labels, and the 'Fly Russia' movement has been written-up in the most important music blogs and magazines.
The creative potential of Russia, however, has only been hinted. From the moistly underground of the Moscow dungeons dark music seeps into the ears of curious listeners, sounding of excess and alienation, seduction and delimitation. Welcome Oleg Buyanov aka OL.

For his new EP 'Body Varial' OL is embracing both Footwork tempi, the production aesthetics of Trap, and the fathomless echo chambers of Dub. 'Body Varial' is as dark and dangerously brilliant as black snake skin. Its glossy textures flow elegantly though OL messes with pitch and complex percussion quite a bit. The warmth of former production has been replaced by cross-synced synth patches and adventurous harmonic compositions. 'Body Varial' combines sex with musical sophistication, offers common ground for bass nerds and dance folk. An immense record.

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Download 'Keep Calm' from XLR8R
Body Varial First Listen on LFTF

180g 12" vinyl w/ full-colour sleeves & labels, limited to 300 copies
Purchase includes free download of the full album