H-SIK / Cocody


All music by H-SIK
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi
Artwork by uglystupidhonest
Video trailer by 96

Error Broadcast Collective
All Rights Reserved

Distributed by Alpha Pup


"In all of these songs, there are little hidden bits, shifts that you didn’t notice while you were dancing to it, accentuating chirps and vocal samples that make a song that much more rich (...), things that mark a true electronic composer in any genre and separates him from the more pedestrian."

The Coli

"Grimey, jukey ghetto monster by an African artist living in Europe, Herve Sika. You better memorize this name."

Doktor Krank

"‘Cocody’ delivers shards of more contemporary underground club music alongside influences from ambient sounds, jungle and grime. The result is as one would expect – pretty head-wreckin’. "


"Don’t believe us? Listen to H-SIK’s new EP 'Cocody' which has just been released by our friends over at Error Broadcast – it’s all rowdy fun."

Rhythm Incursions

"Killer work, guys. (...)  'Shortcut 2 SHTRAK' is BLAZING and Moresounds' remix of 'Co-Energy' is full-on blistering too."

Ill Cosby

"Playing Shortcut 2 SHTRAK right now. Cool shite ;)"


"Taking us on a tour through some of the better dance movements of the last few years, Dutch producer H-Sik‘s ”oOo rD Eye” starts with a serious juke beat and dives into glitchy, atmospheric Hip-Hop, sounding something like Traxman and Prefuse 73 thrown into a blender at high speed."

Pigeons and Plans

"Cocody its great! will definitely play one or two of these in the future."


"Maybe it’s the woozy neon synthesizer tones or the revelatory rhythmic parts, but ‘Cocody’ seems to have more in common with Machinedrum’s genre-defying ‘Room(s)’ than with any more straightforward dancefloor fillers."


"There’s a point where a track becomes so densely layered, listening to it really makes one chew over what’s happening. That’s the beauty H-SIK brings to the table, reminding me a bit of Africa Hitech in his production style"

The Needle Drop

"H-SIK warps synth chords and quick arpeggios over fast moving rhythms touched in equal parts by elements of Chicago juke and his African background."


"WOAH!! Fuckin' siiiiick. That Co-Energy track is too much!! o_O"


"Love the new H-SIK EP on Error Broadcast"


"H-SIK's Cocody is pretty dope!"


"Cocody is maaad!!!"

Broken Haze


ebcmx010 - SHTRAK LOVE Mixtape

African producer H-SIK delivers a refreshing take on footwork with his debut EP 'Cocody’. Growing up in the Ivory Coast, with time spent in Southern France and the Netherlands, Hervé Sika combines influences from West African folklore, French Rap, and Amsterdams’ multi-ethnic approach to electronic music.

H-SIK entangles nervous percussion with lush pads and carefully worn-out textures borrowing from both dub and ambient music. Synth twitter reminiscent of Kraftwerk makes up for a decent boogie vibe, and jungle breaks fade in the reverb like Squarepusher never happened. The production on ‘Cocody’ stirs an impression of space while Sikas’ polyrhythmic beats are always painfully close and immediately physical. The EP is complete with a sick remix of ‘Co-Energy’ by fellow producer Moresounds (SHTRAK, Cosmic Bridge).

Download 'oOo rD Eye' from XLR8R
 Video review by The Needle Drop
 COCODY streaming party w/ H-SIK & Moresounds