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All music by Pixelord & remixing artists as indicated
Artwork by Ciara Phelan
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"Great stuff that’s well worth tracking down."

Cyclic Defrost

"After four tracks of hyper-arpeggiated melody lines and sub bass pressure-zones, we are treated yet further by handsome edits from the rejuvenated Kidkanevil and super-talented producer from London, Om Unit (All City). Very tidy package."


"After getting a hold of Lucid Freaks, as well as the remixes, some of us have been impatiently waiting for this Fish Touch EP and we weren't disappointed. I'll just say that, this EP's credits read much like the cats that 92bpm have covered in the last little."


"Russias’ Pixelord takes the sound of chiptunes and fuses it with the current glitchy trend in electronic music. His tracks are packed with raw sounds in arpeggio. A single song contains sounds from the bass-heavy future, and sounds from the neon pixel past. Perfect for electronica nerds getting sick of the chiptunes."

MTV Iggy

"Err, when did Gultskra Artikler start making electronic HipHop?! Well, last year by the looks of it, but it totally flew under my radar. Anyway, 'Fish Touch' is really good, flowing from dubbed-out wonk on the title track to the nastier bass growls and forced neck-snap [...]"


"Smack on the lips. Smack in the face. Pixelord kisses you with hyperactive synthetic stabs. He’ll get you all sloppy with his succulent slow moving beats. He’s a good kisser. He’s been around the block."

Lost In Sound

"WOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIII. No apologies for the complete necessary use of capitals on this one. I just had a gun-finger skank-out in my room to this one. I was sitting here wondering where the good music was at and BLAM I came across this absolute gem."



ebc004rmx - Lucid Freaks pt. 2 - The Remixes ebc004 - Lucid Freaks pt. 1

Exactly one year back, we published the very first Pixelord release. 'Lucid Freaks' was an instant success and alongside his twin 'Lucid Freaks pt. 2 – The Remixes' paved the way to what culminated as 'Fly Russia' in the Summer of 2010.

Now we are happy to present his red-hot 'Fish Touch' EP, available all digital and on 12" vinyl. Four anthems of 8bit-influenced Hip Hop and electrifying Dub, served perfectly with an icing of lush Pop. The plastic features a remix of Atlanta rising star producer heRobust and legendary UK beat smith Om Unit, whose Kraftwerkish electro boogie made heads turn in 2010 already. Digitally, 'Fish Touch' is supported by RBMA graduate Kidkanevil and US bad man Leonard Dstroy.

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