Montgomery Clunk / Superbus


All music by Montgomery Clunk
Artwork by Paul Paun
Digital distribution by Alpha Pup

Error Broadcast Collective
Some Rights Reserved
CC BY-NC 3.0



"Clunk’s tracks all have a delightful chaos ensuing in them, but a beat pattern always emerges through the mess. It’s the kind of stuff you can’t just throw on and bob your head to. You have to work a little, really listen hard, to feel the beat. That’s my kind of stuff."

MTV Iggy

"The range of imagination on this record is captivating to say the least, and represents an ambitious and calculated sampling of things sure to come."


"Montgomery Clunk’s work fits in nicely with the hazy work of artists like Shlohmo, Teebs, and Flying Lotus. Either way you choose to get, Superbus it’s a great EP and Montgomery Clunk is definitely a musician to watch out for in the future."

Like a Scientist

"Debut EP from the promising Montgomery Clunk, squeezing out seven tracks of melancholy aquacrunk head nodders [...] with warm and nostalgic 'tronica vibes somewhere close to BoC or Hudson Mohawke. Recommended!"


"The thing weighs a ton. Fans of Lazer Sword & Hudson Mohawke need to peep this Romanian cat that fuses the sprawl of bass music into one singular thrum. “HEAT” is one of those crunchy neck-snappers that gets our goose – it needs love."


"The contrast with the kitchen sink looseness is effective. The EP balances between couch and floor nodders."

Lowriders Collective

"I can't even recall how often I've heard the phrase "you're gonna hear a lot more from this guy" but this time I think it might just really be true."

20 Shot Sequence

"Error Broadcast never disappoints, with the eleventh release they strike straight to the top! I previewed the whole EP already and I can surely say that it’s more than amazing! Best regards Montgomery, you did it!"


"You guys are killing it. Big ups Romania fam, Mr Clunk drops some woooozeee heat right here, heavy!"

Kid Kanevil

"This will be an impact in your digital face. Massive Bass-Lines and banging Synthie-Flats will enjoy you ears."


"Productions influenced by abstract hip hop, electro, emo dubstep and landscaped electronica of IDM derivation. A promising debut."

Playground Magazine

"Error Broadcast can do no wrong. Seriously, for me this is definitely one of the best, most forward-looking, eclectic and fresh labels on the future mutant beat / neon front. [...] Just listen to these synths - it's a work of ART. This boy will be huuuge."

Doktor Krank


ebc017 - Mondegreen

Still crapulent from the recent Russia fest we are shifting our focus westwards - however, only a few 100 kilometers. Next up is Sir Montgomery Clunk, brilliant producer and bon vivant hailing from Romania's buzzing capital Bucharest.

Monty blesses us with a six track EP entitled Superbus that tells the story of fiction, HEAT and back-stabbers, the story of a certain someone rising from the ashes of a former life. A literal person that hears the call of the streets coming in from the windows every single night...
Musically speaking, Superbus is quite a versatile thing. There is a mesmerizing darkness to all of Monty's tracks, still he has a knack for melodies and is afraid of catchiness not a bit. Without a doubt we are facing night time music here. Describing his beats as a mixture from Hip Hop, Dubstep and Electronica might not sound exciting but once you experienced the magic craftsmanship of Montgomery Clunk you will not have a hard time to believe this album is indeed something special.

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