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"Seven tracks of electrically fused and spatially rendered instrumentals, giving his rhythms dreamy ambient spaces to sluggishly do their thang, kinda like an anti-G J-Dilla if you catch our drift. Recommended."


"One of the finest, if not the finest label in our scene does it again today. Succulent beats and great ambiance makes this 7 track EP another instant favorite."

You'll Soon Know

"The twists and turns of OL's Random Phrase are a dramtic avoidance of logical progression. They validate repetition and randomness over predictable progress."

Far From Moscow

"Overall, the release is superb nice!"


"La mixtape Cash Wood l’avait mis sur le devant de la scène en septembre dernier, ce maxi concrétise nos espoirs jusqu’alors cristallisés."

One O'Clock

"Roll one, light it up and find this is outstanding. Music is special, grumpy and likewise encased by cotton-clouds."



ebc019 - Body Varial ebcmx009 - Arabic Gum Mixtape

Top surfing the Tsunami our Fly Russia compilation unleashed last month, Moscow beat sophisticater OL delivers his Random Phrase EP fresh from the spray. There is something magic about young OL’s music, something lurking behind his polyrhythmic, anfractuous beats that is difficult to put a finger on. The tracks on Random Phrase swim from warm noise, yet there is a starless depth beneath echoing his past in Minimal- and Dub Techno. Into this, OL injects melody as mutant riddims that once come sweet and spacy the same as sick and stomach-turning next after.

You might recognize the connection to LA’s Hip Hop trailblazer Shlohmo in the entanglement of Beat, Dub, and Ambient music. Yet OL manages to settle his own niche, delivering the score to what Moscow cats in rarely lit basements spastically move their body to.