Various Artists / Fly Russia


All music by contributing artists as indicated
Artwork by
Roma Lubimov

Error Broadcast Collective
Some Rights Reserved

CC BY-NC 3.0



"Vintage synthesizer music envelops video-game glitch, ambient haze coasts over tribal percussion, slow soul twists with wobbly dubstep."

LA Weekly

"Complete, crazy fire"


"The latest compilation from Error Broadcast features unreal abstract & microsoul flavoured Hip Hop music in “yeah yeah yeah” quality! Some glitches will occur, too…"

Netaudio Magazine

“You’ll hear all sort of stuff in here that’ll make you wonder why you’ve never heard of these artists before.”

Worlds Below 100 Hz

"We’ve been hawking the Error Broadcast label for a minute – they’ve unleashed a handful of stellar releases in the post-hop boogie realm. Fly Russia collects all the current players in the scene."


"(...) a 17 track whopper of a compilaiton featuring the very best of Russian beatmakers."

Bad Fotography

"This particular gem is a collection by Russian producers that ranges from chilled out to “Oh my god my NES is going to explode”."

Don't Panic Wigan

"It's pretty epic to say the least, actually I am picking my jaw up off the floor."

Yes Yes Y'all

"oh damn, this is dope as hell!!! russia ain't nuthing ta fuck wit!!!"


"This compilation is out of control, I've already been telling my friends about it."

Car Crah Set

"(...) the best of what this Rus­sia beat scene has to offer. Com­pletely new takes on some of the most excit­ing sounds being pro­duced today."

Like A Scientist

"(...) Be sure to grab the Fly Russia compilation by Gimme5 and Error Broadcast. It features all the essential names in the contemporary Russian beat science scene."

The Big Up Magazine

"(...) vollends zerstörte 8-Bit Beats, Korgs am Rande des Wahnsinns unterlegt mit druckvollen Bässen, in gewissermaßen eine Dekonstruktion des technischen “Fortschritts” der 90er und frühen 2000er Jahre als eklektischer Future-Hop."


"Russia delivers some serious heat here."


"I told you once, don't sleep on the Russian beat scene!!! Dope compilation!"


Ein wirklich schöner “Hirnfick”!

Blog Rebellen

"It is hard to imagine (...) a more appealing compilation, since "Fly Russia" is based on swift surprise, endlessly broken beats, and – therefore – a kind of ironic sedition. After all, dancing's tough when you're in a bad mood."

Far From Moscow

"Fly Russia brings some of the most raw hard hitting beats of the year so far into one bite size download, tracks from the likes of DZA, Pixelord, Lapti and various new faces seriously make this one of my favorite releases of late."

You'll Soon Know

"The under-represented Russian beat scene gets a good leg-up with this ace comp on the promising Error Broadcast label."


"Error Broadcast and Russian bloggers Gimme5 have teamed up to present a free compilation, showing off the many talented beatmakers from all over Russia."


"Today it’s the turn of Eastern Europe, Russia in particular. Siberia-based collective Gimme5 is responsible for selecting the cuts included in “Fly Russia”, a digital compilation featuring the work of new Russian producers."

Playground Magazine

"Overall, it’s a big release, so go set a reminder on Sept. 13, just in case you might forget!"


"You have to watch out for this. I had the chance to listen to the full album and it is frisky indeed. It's like trapped in a video game."


"Enlisted for the compilation are persons like Pixelord and recent Red Bull Music Academy grad Dza, as well as a slew of talent i'm getting hip to. Amazing."


Error Broadcast teamed up with Siberian weblog Gimme5 to deliver this 17-track compilation Fly Russia that features all the names relevant to the Russian beatscene such as Pixelord, DZA, Lapti, Nocow, 813, Kntxt, Demokracy, OL and many others.

At all given diversity, common to all tracks on Fly Russia is an in-depth understanding of  30 years of experimental electronic music, the love for a Hip Hop and downbeat tempo plus something people might define as "Slav Soul". Beneath several layers of nasty beats and hissing synthesizers, melancholy lurks in nearly every song. The generation of young beatmakers we refer to as Fly Russia does aim for nodding heads and emotional impact all but the same.

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