Pixelord / Lucid Freaks pt. 2 - The Remixes


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All music by Pixelord and remixing artists
Artwork by Michael Dotson

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"I wasn't really convinced the remix album was a good idea. But when I listened through the whole thing, I knew I was wrong. This definitly was a rad idea and I hope you'll have as much fun listening to it as I did and still do."

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"This remixes are reaching out far more into incredible spaces and unheard regions of crushing beats and playing with sound. Much more sonic than the first one and still with nerofunk-cyberpunk gaming oddities in heard and soul. I have to say so: a must have!"

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"Shit is bleep bloop twists and spasms... at times overwhelming but mostly sheer layered goodness. I love this music when I'm in the right state of mind for it. Hope you all enjoy this stuff is killer."

All Fer Teh Lulz

"Dropping no less than 11 reworks of his Lucid Freak EP, this Russian minstrel of MIDI enlisted a band of bass heavies and beat freaks from all about to get in on this aur-gy. LOL."


"Killer new ish from Pixelord the Error Broadcast fam once again. Some futuristic sounds and wonky beats make up a really great listen from many artists I had previously not heard of. (...) While I’ve been writing this I’ve just put it back on repeat…"

You'll Soon Know

"Think the first part of Lucid Freaks runs a bit short? Don’t worry, because Error Broadcast has just unlocked the bonus-levels featuring 11 stunning new reinterpretations."


"Entsprechend vielfältig fallen die Remixes aus, manche sind klarer vom Hip Hop getragen als das Original, andere werden verdubstepped, durch das glitch-plugin gezogen und bei manchen bleibt nur noch eine verstörende Kakophonie aus Gepiepse und Geknartze übrig."

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ebc012 - Fish Touch ebc004 - Lucid Freaks pt. 1

Hot on the heels of Pixelord's "Lucid Freaks pt. 1" comes this eleven-tracks remix compilation. "Lucid Freaks pt. 2 - The Remixes" features a couple of Russia's hottest producers, including RBMA -participant DZA, Demokracy, OL and Miracle Libido (the latter two as known from their Monday Jazz tape). The Lord himself reworked a tune exclusively for this record.

From the US, we got AshTreJinkins and Chocolate Girl with their bass-heavy interpretations of Steppa styles. Netherland knob twiddlers Jameszoo and Coco Bryce re-crunk the Pixelord funk, and finally Austria-based producer Abby Lee Tee is dropping in for a mix. One hell of a line-up, you bet. Art comes from Michael Dotson, once again.