Pixelord / Lucid Freaks pt. 1


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All music by Pixelord
Artwork by Michael Dotson

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"Okay it's getting real serious!!! These are some of the sickest tunes I've heard..."

Sticky Sugar Shack

"Coming from a chip angle, tasteful arpeggiation is a rare treat. In Cartoon Freaks they float around playing with dolphin sounds and dub wails over a chill but on point hip hop beat."

I Love Copyleft

"Leftfield fans will instantly identify with all of Pixels tracks, that unmistakable blend of faulty electronica with healthy, solid, drink-spilling kick bass."

The Creative Uncommons

"это музыка, которую нынче принято называть вонки, и хорошая музыка, по-моему. Во всяком случае я лично не слышу, чем Pixelord хуже какого-нибудь нашумевшего Джокера."


"This is business right here, someone whose pushing with experimentation and actually getting it right, its dubstep without trying to enrage the masses with the angry vibe, its on par with flylo but keeping with the funkyness of it rather than sound splattering (...)"

Digital Diggers

"The production is super tight and fans of Slugabed, Loops Haunt, Shlohmo, HudMo should check this release. It's even difficult for me to mention best tracks as they are all top quality. Definitely an artist to watch in 2010."

Doktor Krank

"Moscow’s Alexey Devyanin has a a lo-fi 8bit sound mixed with hip hop. His album artwork by Michael Dotson is perfect and beautiful. Seriously, Mr. Dotson’s paintings are worthy of their own blog post entirely!"


"I admit I’ve never been fond of 8bit sounds but this mixture of glitchy 8bit with warmer atmospheric hip-hop beats is really engaging even at first listen."


"Warm glitchy hip hop rhythms, 8bit overload and overwhelming basses; the formula for some next level music (...). This man will be big!"

Low Riders Collective

"But don't ya'll love free music, especially when its tighter than a mothafuckin gangsta beat!"

All Fer Teh Lulz

"Auf Hudsons Spuren: Der Moskauer Alexey Devyanin alias Pixelord hat beim Netlabel Error Broadcast eine richtig "glitch"ige four-track EP gedropt – und die gefällt!"

Blog Rebellen

"Hype can puke out and sell music, but this isn't the case. Pixelord's EP, "Lucid Freaks" is perspiring the hype in a quick work out of all it's pulsating beaty muscles and determined brain sythns. Love it, can you tell?"


"(This) is a perfect cocktail of chip music funk flickering over solid beats, staggering like a drunken monk. It's the G-Funk the Giana Sisters enjoy dancing to and making Dre wetting his panties. Dope!"

Phlow Magazine

"I’ve not heard anything from him before but after this EP I hope to be hearing more soon. Full of fresh 8bit beats, I’m a big fan (...)"

You'll Soon Know

"Я знаю как должна звучать моя музыка для того, чтобы издавать её было, как минимум, не стыдно."

Gimme 5

"Everything looks and sounds friendly and promising. (…) the very beautiful cover-artwork or the broken shitloads of beats with warm reminiscene to analog gaming goodness."

Digital Tools

"Statt auf Loops zu setzen, wie in traditionellen Produktionen üblich, entwickeln sich die Sounds über die Tracks immer weiter."

Mixtape Sammelstelle

"Electronic sweeps, chirps, bleeps and pretty melodies with more kicks than Vladimir Putin in a GI @ his Judo classes, all recorded with beautiful lucidity."



ebc012 - Fish Touch ebc004rmx - Lucid Freaks pt. 2 - The Remixes

The Pixelord is Alexey Devyanin. He's a Moscow-based veteran of experimental music, best-known for his Gultskra Artikler moniker. When we got to know that his new project is about BEATS, it was instantly clear that is has to be groundbreaking great.

His debut four-track EP "Lucid Freaks" brings forth a mixture of spliffed-out 8bit riddims, stumbling Hip Hop beats and a pinch of Euro Dance glam. However unique, the weirdo plastic Pop of Glasgow's Hudson Mohawke is echoed in his tunes as well as bass-driven digital Reggae, Jahtari-style. The artwork of L.A. painter Michael Dotson suits the Pixelord music perfectly.