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All music by KenLo Craqnuques
Artwork by Étienne Bossé
KenLo picture by Ryan McMaster

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"Aside from having one of the dopest rap names in the game, homegrown producer KenLo also packs some of the most soulful and futuristic beats heard in a minute"


"Expect the non-standard, hyperfuturistic, sidechained, nintendo-ed-out hiphopstuff you might know from guys like Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Blue Daisy and so on. Al tough this guy stands out from it's illusive colleagues because of the use of soulfull glitchy basslines and laidback samplemelodies which puts stuff another way around you might expect."


"Cailloux germés montre KenLo toujours aussi fermement engagé dans la voie de J. Dilla: rythmes irréguliers mais indécrottablement hoche-tête, collages spontanés de mélodies légères et de samples ludiques."


"I knew there was something special about KenLo's beats the instant my ears met the soundwaves . His beats just have so much life to them... The way he mixes down and masters his beats is in a class of its own. Keep your ear out for KenLo."

The Beat Movement

"KenLo Craqnuques Mischung aus 8-Bit, annährend traditioneller Hip Hop Rhythmik und Soul-Elemente, dürften dem ein oder anderen doch zu sperrig sein, aber es gibt einen interessanten Ausblick darauf, wie das, was wir als Hip Hop kennen, im 2010 klingen kann."

Mixtape Sammelstelle

"Supercompression, synths and snapping drum sequences form together like a delicious aural meal. After more beattapes than I can count while intoxicated, dude’s referring to this one as his first “official” album & it sounds fucking delicious."


"Even if you don't know French, who cares you don't need to know in order to love what this guy does. These beats are airy and deep and wait cuz the snare comes when you're not looking like pow. Just peep this shit he's been the Don of the Nord so check."

All Fer teh Lulz

"The acclaim of Kenlo Craqnuques' work is well documented, so i'll spare you the filler."


From across the big waters we are delighted to welcome KenLo Craqnuques in the bosom of the Error Broadcast family. This Africa-born, Montreal-based beat conductor blessed the scene with five beat tapes and just recently debuted under his all-digital moniker Qwerty Musique. He has two tapes with fellow producer Vlooper and kicks a rhyme every once a while. “Cailloux Germés” is the first official KenLo Craqnuques release.

Stand out amongst the flood of new producers, KenLo Craqnuques manages to inject a huge amount of classic Soul and Boom Bap Rap into his hypermodern beats. His songs breathe the history of Black Music without looking back. What has been true ever since “Noir” is eventually obvious on “Cailloux Germés”: the Craqnuques music pushes the borders of 21. Century beat music. Real big.